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Wanting to become a Skymarshall like his father, Urik worked to keep his younger brother Marcus Antares and his wife Maya Antares (along with their friends Kyuzo and Alexandra Goncharova) together after they left the academy behind him. He was successful and rose to become second in command of the R.S.S. Konstantinov at the time of the Battle of Kar Dathra's Gate in Al'istaan where it was believed Marcus was killed.

Eventually, Urik came to command the Konstantinov.. When word came that Marcus had survived the battle and been transported to the Spirit Realm, he led two-thirds of the crew (the remaining third were left safely on the ground) to mutiny. They followed Marcus and the Red Woman into the Storm of Souls to free the imprisoned souls of their ancestors.

Despite his upbringing, Urik is something of an iconoclast with a wry cynicism (sometimes crossing over into snideness). Combined with a willingness to lead from the front, not put his men in unnecessary risk, and honest care, Urik commands the deepest respect of his crew.


Urik is a gifted telekinetic, holding the record for weight pulling at the Academy for four years until it was broken by Marcus.


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