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    Urien is the brother of Gill, the leader of the Illuminati. Valuing his own ego and ambition over anything else, Urien strives to surpass his brother as the leader of the group.

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    Street Fighter III 2nd Impact

    Urien was conceived as the inferior brother to Gill. Urien fought for leadership of the Illuminati and after achieving the rank of leader was dismayed to learn that Gill held the rank of emperor. Urien now strives to overthrow Gill with a personally created army from the Illuminati's G-Project, which created Necro and Twelve. Urien kidnapped one of the children under Chun-Li's protection in order to test the Interpol agents strength. Urien was very impressed by Chun-Li and lost on purpose in order to further study her.

    Powers and Abilities

    Urien has a very similar moveset to his brother's with his training coming from the Illuminati. Gameplay-wise, the key difference between him and Gill is that Urien is the balanced one, as his special moves, apart from his projectile, require charge motions. Urien's move set consisted of powerful strikes, bull rushes, shoulder checks, and long range kicks. Like his brother, Urien could control two elements, in his case electricity and the ability to turn his body metallic.

    Other Media

    Video Games

    Street Fighter III 2nd Impact - Urien's first appearance as a playable character and in the Street Fighter mythos in general. Urien was placed to basically be a playable version of his brother Urien which reflects his relationship with his brother.

    Street Fighter III 3rd Strike - Urien appears as a playable character.

    Capcom Fighting Evolution - Urien appears as one of the playable characters representing Street Fighter III alongside Chun-Li. Yun, and Alex.

    Street Fighter x Megaman - Urien will appear in the upcoming free release as one of the 8 Street Fighter bosses Megaman will face. When Megaman defeats Urien we will get his Aegis Reflector move.


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