Character » Uriel appears in 80 issues.

    The heir of Archangel and one of the Apocalypse Twins.

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    Uriel was born with his sister Eimin to Ichisumi, and is the son of Archangel conceived during his reign as Apocalypse.

    Shortly after birth, Uriel and his sister were stolen by Kang, and transported to the future. Here in the Kang Dynasty he is brutally raised, despising his adoptive father.

    Major Story Arcs

    Uncanny Avengers Ragnarok Now

    Uriel and his twin sister Eimin escaped from the future,to return to the past to save the mutants from the red onslaught and to exact revenge on their adoptive father Kang by destroying the Earth.

    Their plan was to kill Celestials and blame it on the humans,when Thor confronted the Twins to stop their plans and retrieve his enchanted axe jarnbjorn, Thor engaged Uriel while Captain America(Steve Rogers) engaged Eimin. After seeing the corpse of the scarlet witch,Thor became enraged and killed Uriel by opening a portal and forcing Uriel in it.

    After Uriel's death it was revealed that Eimin saw it,and let it happen to further her plans.

    When the unity squad went back in time to stop them Uriel's death was undone,however after Sunfire blasted the Apocalypse twins's ship,Uriel and Eimin were badly injured. Uriel can be seen in the epilogue of Ragnarok Now badly injured and carried by his horseman(Grim Reaper)

    Powers & Abilities

    Uriel is a chronomancer and able to slow or accelerate time in localized areas as he sees fit.

    Bat like wings that grant him flight.


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