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Born and raised in Limbo Town, Uriah followed in the footsteps of his fellow witch-boy Klarion and travelled up to Blue Rafters, the surface world.


Uriah was created by Adam Beechen and Frazer Irving. He made his first appearance in Robin #157.

Major Story Arcs

Judgement Beast

Arriving in the surface world, Uriah puts into action his plan to rule the world. He begins kidnapping familiars to create a Judgement Beast, ending with Klarion's familiar, Teekl. He is defeated when Klarion and Teekl merge into the Horigal, and Robin uses a cruciform to separate the familiars from one another. Uriah is dragged back to Limbo Town by Klarion.

The Sorceress' Apprentice

Uriah approaches Zatanna in the middle of the night seeking to become her apprentice. When she refuses he runs into her house and breaks into her library, stealing the Book of Maps, which he plans to use to take over Limbo Town. He leads Zatanna on a chase through alternate dimensions and realities before she catches up with him, retakes the Book, and traps him in Limbo Town.

Powers and Abilities

A Sheeda-human hybrid, Uriah has an inherent capacity for magic, which he is able to wield to a variety of effects. He also has a cruciform, which he can use to merge familiars into a Judgement Beast.


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