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    Uranus is the primal god of the sky in Greek Mythology. With his mother-wife Gaia he is the father of the Cyclopes, Hecatonchires, Titans, Erinyes, Gigantes, Nymphs and Aphrodite. He was the ruler of the universe before he was brutally overthrown by his son, The Titan Cronus.

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    Uranus also known as Father Sky, was the first born Son of Mother Gaia, born from her in Parthenogenesis. Along with Pontus, and Ourea. Uranus and Gaia bore many children, here is a family tree.             
     1. Cyclopes, one eyed giants. 
    I. Brontes.
    II. Steropes.
    III. Arges.

    2. Hecatonchires, hundred handed, fifty headed giants. 
    I. Briares. 
    II. Cottus. 
    III. Gyges. 
    3. The Titans, the elder gods, of the golden age. 
    I. Crius. 
    II. Coeus. 
    III. Cronus. 
    IV. Oceanus. 
    V. Hyperion. 
    VI. Lapetus. 
    VII. Mnemosyne. 
    VIII. Phoebe. 
    IX. Rhea. 
    X. Tethys. 
    XI. Theia. 
    XII. Themis. 
    4. Erinyes, the three Furies. 
    I. Alecto. 
    II. Megaera. 
    III. Tisiphone. 
    5. Gigantes, the giants. 
    I. Alcyoneus. 
    II. Athos. 
    III. Clytias. 
    IV. Enceladus. 
    V. Echion. 
    6. The ash-tree Nymphs. 
    I. Meliae. 
    7. Aphrodite, was born from the sea foam, after Cronus castrated his Father Uranus, and tossed his genitalia's into the sea.


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