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    Uranos is one of the first generation of Eternals. After organizing a failed rebellion, Uranos and his followers were exiled to Uranus.

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    "I am Uranos of the Underworld... Uranos the Undying. I know the Machine's darkest secrets. Those weapons you prevented me from deploying? The tip. I can unmake the whole Machine. If I die, the Machine will die with me" -- Uranos.

    Uranus was created by the Celestials one million years ago along with the first generation Eternals. He believed Eternals superiority granted rights conquer the Earth but his brothers Kronos and Oceanus disagreed. After his rebellion was stopped by his brothers, his remaining followers created a clone exiled themselves into space.

    Uranos' Theses on the principles

    The Principles are what guide the Eternals. They are who we are. We have been cowards and hiding from their true implications.

    • Correct Excess Deviation: Any deviation is excess deviation. The only way to guarantee there is no excess deviation is to destroy all Deviants.
    • Protect the Machine: Eternals have defined the Machine broadly as the whole of this planet. This is simply not true. The Machine is the infrastructure of the planet and the Eternals, and nothing else. The Deviant is not the Machine. The flower is not the Machine. The mammal is not the Machine. All can, and should, be purged. Furthermore: All existence outside the Machine is a possible threat to the Machine. The Principles dictate that after securing this world, we should purge the galaxy. Anything else is a betrayal of the Principles.
    • Protect Celestials: Key word: Celestial freedom is unnecessary. While we cannot harm them, we should find techniques to pacify them. A god is too precious a thing to be free. A god should be safely in a cage.

    In Conclusion: While we must protect this world, we can take this world wherever we wish. The Machines should be made mobile, capable of traversing the universe and plundering anything we require. We purge all that exists outside it and use it for parts to upgrade the Machine.

    Fundamentally, there is a necessary conflict between the Principles and the existence of anything outside the Machine. We are at war.

    Eternal life is the only life. All other "life" is the heresy.

    The Exclusion

    "You killed half the universe, boy. Fifty percent? What a lack of commitment. Do something or don't do it" -- Uranos.

    Following the Uranosian War Uranos was confined the Exclusion for his crimes. During interrogation Uranos shared his omnicidal doctrine and twisted interpretation of Eternal Law with his brothers. Also explained killing or attemped to mindwipe him would trigger failsafes which would destroy the Machine (ref. Earth).

    He is the keeper of the secret arsenals of the Machine. With a gesture, he could summon war itself to himself and unleash a great tide of cosmic fire.

    600,000 years later his Thanos now Prime Eternal paid him a visit. Uranos told Thanos his story. Seeing potential in Thanos, Uranos decided to gift him his imprint-key to his armories, giving Thanos the ability to destroy the Machine (Earth).


    • Skin: Blue
    • Eyes: Red
    • Hair: Red
    • Race: Eternals
    • Citizenship: Titanos/Uranian
    • Place of Birth: Earth
    • Occupation: Leader/Solider
    • Relatives: Kronos(Brother), Oceanus(Brother), Virako(Son), Valkin(Son), Thanos(Grand Nephew), Druig (Grandson), Zuras (Nephew)


    The Eternals’ bodily cells contain cosmic energy, and they maintain constant mental control over every molecule of their bodies. As a first generation Eternal Uranos has all the typical powerset:

    • Cosmic Energy Manipulation
    • Enhanced Physicals
    • Flight
    • Invulnerability
    • Immortality
    • Telepathy
    • Matter Manipulation
    • Regeneration

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