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Ur-Lini was a pleasurer at Madame Ojani's Pleasure Hive. She was treated poorly by the Madame.

When Ojani obtained a piece of the Gleambody (the Silver Surfer), it chose to give the power of the Surfer to Ur-Lini. She was compelled to save the universe by the power, although she wasn't quite sure how to use it. She joined the rest of the Skyriders in their quest to defeat the Uni-Lord.

At first she seemed much like her old self, even flirting with Pradda Fol. But soon the seriousness of their situation grew. She found that despite her past she could prove to be a leader.

Her powers were stripped from her and all the other Skyriders by a Blackbody. When the Uni-Lord claimed that all of their planets would be assimilated, she was relieved that her planet would remain safe and she would not have to join the Congregation of Finality because she had come from the Pleasure Hive.

She and the others could only watch the Silver Surfer attempt to defeat the Uni-Lord. He eventually took the Uni-Lord's power and what became of Ur-Lini after this is unknown.

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