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    Crossover between Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps.

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    The Dulans, a shape-shifting race of aliens, has infeltrated the ranks of the Green Lantern Corps, and through manipulation have turned much of the universe against the Corp.


    Green Lantern

    The Durlans along with the Khunds and many other planetary war ships attack the Green Lantern's home world of Mogo. And during the battle the Durlans who are mimicking Green Lanterns, reveal themselves and attack the real Corp members. Jordan and his Corp are able to defeat the imposters and this forces the war ships to retreat.

    Hal Jordan takes a small army of Green Lantern after the Khurds, but when he catches up to them he learns the Durlan's have betrayed them and kill hundreds of the Khurds and destroyed almost all of its war ships. Hal heads back to Mogo where he meets with Prixam Nol-anj, who has turned herself in. Nol-Anj makes a deal with Hal, she tells him of the Durlan's plans to take over Planet Zezzen and absorb its inhabitants to fuel there master plan to become gods.

    Hal orders Mogo to take the Corp to Zezzen where the Durlans have alread started their plan. Hal and the other Lanterns set up a wall to keep the Durlans from reaching the Zezzenans, and with the help of Nol-Anj and her Clann they stop the Durlans from reaching the Lake of Generations and absorbing the Zezzenans. A job well done Hal leaves Zezzen and heads back to Mogo, leaving John Stewart and Fatality in charge of the clean-up. Then back on Mogo Hal gets a distress call from John, claiming the Uprising isn't over.

    Green Lantern Corp

    John Stewart and leads his team of Green Lanterns to Corona Seven to rescue the captured Green Lanterns being held there by the Durlans and the Khurds. By the time they find the prisoners they have freed themselves and have regained their power rings. They are about to leave but Xylpth speaks of a prisoner kept deep below the compound. John and his team go deep into the compound and free Sodam Yat. He tells them of the Durlan plot to absorb the DNA of the Daxams.

    This information leads John and his team to Daxam, where he meets with Sodam Yat father. Sodam's father explains the Daxams have built themselves an army and don't want the Green Lanterns help. But meanwhile on Mogo, Daggle uses his ring and Salaak's equipment to find a way to detect the radiation that Durlan emit to transform. This gives all rings the power to detect Durlans. Meanwhile back on Daxam, the Green Lanterns there learn that most of the Daxams are Durlans. They defeat the Durlans there but many escape to Zezzen.

    After the battle of Zezzen, John learns that Farality is really a Durlan named Verrat Din, when she absorbs a Zezzenian and become more powerful, and the pair fight it out above the Lake of Generations. Then when back-up shows up the fight moves to Mogo, where the other Durlans are being held captive. There Daggle and Mogo spray the Durlans with a chemical that make it impossable for the Durlans to every hold a shape again. When Verrat Din, discover this she attacks Daggle but John comes to his aide. John along with Hal and most of the Corp are able to defeat Verat, and take her to a cell.

    Elsewhere, the Shadow Empire plan their next step against the Corp.


    Non-U.S. Editions


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