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    Upa is the son of Bora and a childhood friend of Goku

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    Upa is a small Indian boy who lives in the Sacred Land of Korin alongside his father, the mighty Bora.The two live peacefully enough until the arrival of a Red Ribbon Army battalion in search of the Dragon Ball in Bora's possession. After Bora kills his men in selfdefense, Captain Yellow takes Upa hostage in exchange for his father's Dragon Ball.However the situation quickly resolves when Goku arrives, rescuing Upa and earning the Dragon Ball himself. However this happiness was short lived as the Red Ribbon Army sent the mighty Mercenary Tao after Goku,during which his father is murdered for trying to interfere.After Tao leaves, a heartbroken Upa is forced to bury his father, and prepares to bury his new found friend when he learns Goku to in fact be alive. However Tao having been short a Dragon Ball returns to the Sacred Land of Korin, and attempts to learn the location of the 4 Star Ball, which Upa refuses to tell and valiantly fights against his father's murderer. However as Tao prepares to kill the boy, Goku returns from his training with master Korin and quickly defeats Tao, and goes to the Red Ribbon Army base to collect the last remaining Dragon Balls.

    Following the defeat of the Red Ribbon Army, Goku returns for Upa as he searches for the remaining Dragon Ball in order to revive Bora.They then travel to FortuneTeller Baba, in order to learn the location of the remaining Dragon Ball. However unable to pay the overpriced asking price, they agree to fight her five mysterious fighters. During the first match Krillin is defeated by Fangs the Vampire, after which Upa fights the monster with the aid of Puar who shapeshifts into the vampire's weaknesses granting the team a win. He then watches Yamcha and Goku finish the remaining fights, while the team successfully defeats Baba's fighters and learns the location of the final Dragon Ball in the possession of Emperor Pilaf.Goku then defeats Pilaf and his trio, gaining the Ball and returns to the Sacred Land of Korin where he summons Shenron who revives Bora.

    Upa then is reunited with his father living a peaceful life, until Goku returns being carried by Yajirobe following his near death at the hands of King Piccolo. Upa lives a peaceful life after this in the Sacred Land of Korin.He is however eventually killed by Buu along with the rest of his population,but was revived along with everyone by Porunga. He, alongside his father give energy to Goku for his Super Spirit Bomb in order for him to finally defeat Buu.


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