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Finding himself in the "Days of Future Past" alternate future, Access comes under attack by Sentinels, but is rescued by the Legion of Super-Heroes. Soon, they are found by Logan, who leads them to meet the rest of what's left of the X-Men. Brainiac 5 then devises for the X-Men a field nullifier which counteracts the inhibitor collars they are forced to wear. The Legion offers their aid in defeating the Sentinels, but the X-Men decline, and Access sends the Legionnaires back to their own timeline. Before Ferro can go through the portal, however, a Sentinel attacks. Ferro and Colossus topple it, but more arrive. Magneto shoves Ferro and Access through the portal as the Sentinels destroy the nullifier and cripple Magneto. Logan escapes, inspired to formulate a plan to beat the robots.

Access now bounces back and forth between the two universes and into pasts and futures, until he is yanked into Central Park by Morty, the bum from whom Axel Asher received his Access powers. Access thought Morty had died, but as they converse, he realizes Morty is his future self. With two Accesses in close proximity a wide portal opens. Morty teleports away, but not quickly enough to prevent the arrival of Darkseid and his hordes from Apokolips. Coveting Access' universe-crossing abilities, Darkseid makes him an offer to join him, but just then the Avengers (from early in their career) intervene. A battle ensues, and although Access is held in the grip of Devilance, he manages to open a portal and pull the JLA through. Feeling the tide turn, Darkseid orders Amazing Grace to take control of the minds of the male heroes, forcing them to face off amongst themselves, while he and his minions escape.

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