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    The Unknown Soldier's face is swathed in bandages, the true identity of the Soldier is a mystery. He was a master of disguise (using latex masks) and carried out many missions for the Allied Forces and was a member of the O.S.S. during the second World War.

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    The Unknown Soldier is an unnamed man who joined the U.S. Army in the early part of World War Two, along with his older brother Harry. Both were assigned to the same unit in the Pacific Islands, where Harry was killed saving his brother from a Japanese grenade. The explosion hideously disfigures the young soldier's face beyond repair.

    Harry had said that one man being in the right place could mean the difference in winning a battle, and his scarred brother took this to heart. He became a one-man undercover agent, and trained to the peak of physical perfection. He became skilled in make up, and learned how to impersonate almost anybody. From his base at the Pentagon in Washington, DC, the Soldier travelled to both the European and Pacific theatres of World War Two to be in the right place at the right time.

    His exploits became legendary; of all the American war heroes who haunted Adolph Hitler, the Soldier became the most hated. The Soldier on occasion would team up with other government agents such as the black jazz player Chat Noir and OSS's Sparrow. While his fame spread throughout the war, he was often opposed and sometimes thwarted by his German counterpart, the Black Knight.

    The Soldier himself infiltrated Hitler's Berlin bunker as the war was ending in Europe during 1945. He "helped" the Fuhrer commit suicide and then left the bunker. The Soldier was then apparently killed during a selfless act of saving a child from an explosion in the streets of Berlin, thus seemingly ending his career as it had begun with his older brother's selfless act. (In the final panel of #268 One of the two soldiers whom had witnessed this act of heroism is shown scratching his face - a trademark gesture of the Unknown Soldier - leaving us to speculate about his apparent death).

    The Unknown Soldier was alive during America's bicentennial. He was the bartender during a reunion with The Losers, Gravedigger, Jeb Stuart, and Mademoiselle Marie. Unknown Soldier may have been leading one of the incarnations of The Suicide Squad. A mask of Sgt. Rock was seen in a video clip. Bulldozer was seen getting out of his wheel chair and walking away. Amanda Waller told one of employees that Rock and Bulldozer died in 1945.

    It was later revealed that The Soldier was in fact alive, although his superiors proclaimed him dead, his last appearance to date was in Garth Ennis' Unknown Soldier published by Vertigo in 1997 where he's seen trying to find a successor to replace him as The Soldier. The Unknown Soldier was seen on one of t.v. screens as a risen Black Lantern.

    In the most recent Unknown Soldier series, Moses Lwanga has become the new Unknown Soldier II by an unconscious triggering of a second personality. Later on it is revealed through flashbacks that Moses was trained by the same government operation and actually met the original Unknown Soldier...though Moses wrapping his head in bandages seems to have been an unintentional echoing of his predecessor. The Unknown Solider told Moses that he was dying and he would have wanted a new and better Unknown Solider to work for the CIA as his replacement for him. He told Moses that he was 75 years old and he was too weak to do all the work. Moses wanted to kill him with the pistol, but the Unknown Solider told him about his past and showed him the paper work about his life, that he was adopted and that he learned how to fight when he joined the army to stay alive. The Unknow Solider's Ghost was seen helping Moses, the new Unknown Solider, in Africa and helping him on some new tricks to get rid of the UPDF Army Guards and attack them.The Unknow Solider series was finished in 2010 due to poor readers and stoyline. Moses Lwanga was killed by a bullet through his brain and was killed by a kid and he did never saw him coming. Moses wife remarried and had a family. The War ended in 2003 and Africa was free from the war and army.

    The New 52

    The original Unknown Soldier has been introduced in the new DCU. He shows up in the newly released title The Time that War Forgot. He seems to be fighting America's enemies in the present and not in the 1940's era of World War II.

    This new Unknown Soldier III was fighting in the Afghanistan War in 2012. It talked about his past that he was hiding. The General talked to him and wanted to know who he was and what his name was. The story begins in July 2005, he and his wife and kids where in London England on vacation. He would meet his family after taking care of stuff and his family went on an underground tunnel train to London and waved good bye to them. Tragedy happened when his wife and kids were killed on the train in the underground tunnel. After the memorial, he goes to fight in Afghanistan and his buddies were killed and he was badly wounded. He kills the Arab rebels with the energy he had left and passes out. He was found by a different unit of U.S Marines and they saw that his face was badly damaged. He meets the General, now wrapped in bandages, like the original Soldier and was given top secret plans to work as an undercover agent in enemy territory. The Unknown Soldier is now working with the government's top secret plans and the government wans to use him in the Afghanistan War and while in the War Room they put some powder in his drink so that they can keep track of his progress. One of them told him that the water has nanites to track him down, the Unknown Solider was upset and punched the person in the face. In Mexico there was is a drug war going on.. The Unknown Soldier was seen in the Middle East destroying a base with his new weapons he had got from the A.M.M.O government. As the Unknown Soldier parachuted down into the Middle East he has a flashback of his wife and kids and he remembers saying to himself that his daughter would be starting High School and his son would be in the first grade. He also thought about his wife when he comes home from work and spends time with her. He lands and goes to the base and he kills all the soldiers in the base and shoots the boss with the army plans in hand. The Unknown Soldier talked to him about where was he in in the 2005 London attacks. The boss told him you're too late there is another attack coming to America. The car with the terrorist cell crosses the border into New York City and they have a map that targets places to blow up. The Unknown Soldier was seen in the A.M.M.O. Base and downloading all the memory and plans of the terrorist leader and the leader was in a vegetative state. In Dubai the terror groups all meet up and their leader kills all the terror groups and his face was badly destroyed and he wears a mask to hide his scars. After killing all the terror groups the U.S.A soldiers came for the clean up. The Unknown Soldier was badly hurt and was brought back to A.M.M.M.O Base to get fixed up and heal in the hospital. The Unknown Soldier sees his wife and kids in a dream. In the London station they ask him why is he killing people and what is he doing this for. The Unknown Soldier said I am doing it for you, my family and my country and after waking up he realizes it was a dream. He tells his boss about the dream he had and she understands what he is experiencing. The Unknown Soldier and his boss go into the other room and shows him something top secret. She told the Unknown Soldier that there were different Unknown Soldiers in the war's from the Middle Ages through the American Revolution [1941-1945 WWII] and [Korean War 1950-1953]. In the 1960's there was an Unknown Soldier in Vietnam. The present Unknown Soldier sees all the history of the past Unknown Soldier's he leaves the room and has a flashback of what happened when he was near death in the Middle East. The Unknown Soldier said to his case manager that before he became a weapon he had a job at the airport as a baggage handler and he did terrible things in his past so he joined and he served in the war in Afghanistan. He was captured in Africa and the U.S Government gave him two choices work for them or get shot. The Unknown Solider was seen drugged and trapped in a dream from all the past wars. He was in WWII, Vietnam, The American Revolution, and Middle Ages times. They pulled the plug at the A.M.M.O Lab and brought back. The Unknown Soldier saw his wife and kids in his dream and his kids want there dad back and it was not him anymore. The Unknown Soldier said to his wife and kids it is me I am doing this all for you for my country. In the air a plane blows up while taking off in the sky. The Unknown Soldier was seen in Michigan as an arms dealer for a gang war. He was the dealer of the new guns and weapons in the states. He killed some of the gun buyers and took to boss of the gang and talked to him and wanted it answers a gang civil war that was happening in Michigan and the weapons were made in San Diego. The Unknown Soldier dropped the gang boss to the ground and he told the him that a war is coming soon. The Unknown Soldier was running away from rockets fired at him and the whole city block was blown up in fire and the plane drone was hacked and under the control of some unknown person and the military got a message that was blackmailed on the screen for them to see who they're messing with. The Unknown Soldier was badly injured from the attack and was seen back at A.M.M.M.O base to get a new target to attack in Europe and the base that hacked the drone craft. The Unknown Soldier went there and got a new face and took a flight in to a European country. The Unknown Soldier went to a bar and saw the boss of the plans. The boss told him and his friends to leave. The Unknown Soldier hacked all the phones at the bar and they began ringing. The phone ringing the boss told the him welcome aboard and he showed The Unknown Soldier around the work base and the terror attack and also the base is where they make video games for companies. After the tour of the building. One of the men who was fired from A.M.M.M.O joined the the new boss and knew it was the Unknown Soldier and he was shot in the head to get rid of him. The Unknown Solider goes to war after he was shot. He survived the assissination from his mask and he attacked the company and fought off the mob off and destroyed the base and he took the girl the boss and jumped out of a building when it exploded and took a beach girl cellphone and called 911 for help. Years and years later after the missing events that happened. The Unknown Solider was old and saw his old house and the new owners said about a family that had this house and that the family where in London in 2005 during that terror attack and where killed and that the old owner disappeared. The new owner said the person left and we bought the house and give some of his stuff to goodwill. The old Unknown Soldier said that he would like to see the inside of the house where he used to live. The new owners also had kids and they brought him in the house and he become part of there family as a Grampa as a member of the new family and watch the football game kick off.

    He will return as the new leader of the Suicide Squad starting in April 2013's issue. This Unknown Soldier III is part of the present Suicide Squad team and he has been given the task as their new leader. The Unknown Solider has anger issues and he hides something about his past that has haunted him for a long time. He is a part of a new Squad, called the Reverse Squad, and hunting down O.M.A.C to help combat The Crime Syndicate.

    Powers & Abilities

    The Unknown Soldier is an expertly trained soldier in armed and unarmed combat. Every new unknown soldier has the experience and skill of all his previous incarnations.

    Furthermore the current one (New 52) has undergone a special procedure by A.M.M.O. (Advanced Military Medical Operations) that gives him low level metahuman abilities.

    Enhanced Speed / Agility

    His speed and agility have been enhanced to metahuman levels. He can move faster than Deadshot can pull the trigger and disarm him or casually take out multiple targets before they can react.

    Enhanced Durability

    His bones have been encased in a secondary layer as hard as diamond, which makes the Unknown Soldier much more difficult to injure. He has survived a point blank shot to the head and an exploding building falling on him.

    Enhanced Vision

    His eyes have the ability to turn on some sort of night vision when needed.

    Peak Human Strength / Endurance

    The Unknown Soldier is said to be a "physically perfect" human by the A.M.M.O. scientists that enhanced his abilities. He can continue fighting even when severely injured.

    Healing Factor

    The Unknown Soldier possesses a healing factor that allows him to shrug off deadly injuries such as multiple fatal gunshots in a matter of hours or days (depending on the severity of the injuries).

    Past Incarnation Memory

    The Unknown Soldier has the memories and skills of all his previous incarnations (that includes all their training)

    Expert Soldier / Fighter

    The Unknown Soldier has undergone extensive military training in both armed and unarmed combat. In his most recent incarnation he was trained by a South American private security group. Furthermore when the memories of his past incarnations returned his skill was further augmented to include all his previous skills that vary from a Viking Era warrior to a modern era professional soldier.

    Espionage / Disguise Expert

    The Unknown Soldier's specialty is espionage, counter intelligence and explosives. He is also a master of disguise, make up artist and mimicry, being able to impersonate almost anyone.He uses some sort of special synthetic skin in undercover missions.


    He speaks several different languages fluently and learned many vocal tricks to aid in his disguises.

    Weapons and Equipment

    The Unknown Soldier uses an assortment of weapons like knives, handguns, riffles and explosives. They are all provided by A.M.M.O.


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