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    Character » Unknown Soldier appears in 32 issues.

    Moses Lwanga is the most recent individual to wear the Unknown Soldier mantle, unlike his predecessor, his identity is known. At least to the readers, and several other characters in the story.

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    Moses Lwanga is a Doctor, born in Uganda, his family immigrated to America when he was still a child to escape the country as it began its downward spiral. Having been raised in the U.S. and attending Harvard, when he grew older he decided it was time to return to Uganda and he became a peace activist who sought to end the war in Uganda though non-violence. But when in Uganda with his wife Sera, he found himself in a situation that pushed him to his limit.

    A young boy wandered into the camp where he and his wife were tending to the sick and wounded and he learns that the boy's sister is still out there, and the boy's wound is fresh. Dashing off into the bushes, Lwanga seeks out the rebels who attacked the boy and his sister. The scene skips ahead and a young man, a teenager, is holding a rifle to Moses' head whilst he kneels on the ground. Then, Moses snaps, he cannot remember what happens next but he is now holding the gun to the boy's head and filled with rage he begins firing a barrage of bullets into the boy's body.

    The girl is still alive, Moses yells at the other rebel (another child) to take her to the medical camp immediately. Then, after the two are gone Moses realizes the impact of what he has done, everything he has stood for is a lie, He is a lie. He places the barrel of the rifle in his mouth but the voice in his head, a voice not his own, tells him he can change Uganda, he can kill them all. Moses cracks, and in an attempt to kill the voice he begins clawing at his own face with a sharp rock...he is laying with the murdered bodies of the soldier and the rebel, his face bloodied and unrecognizable...but he is not dead, not yet. The Unknown Soldier was killed in the last Issue in #25 he was killed by a kid holding a gun he will be the young new Unknown Soldier in 2010. The Unknown Soldier's wife remarried and had a family. Jack Lee Howl where abouts are unknown at this time in Africa.


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