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If I Could Give a Sixth Star... would definitely be going to this issue...I'll admit I have not yet read all my comics but I know already this is my pick of the week. 
I just have to catch my breath for a minute here, I mean (expletive deleted), everything we've known up until this point has been a lie, and not one of those cheap ones either, one that actually makes the entire story make sense. Really this issue is NOT a jump-on point, seeing as its the penultimate issue that should have been obvious but also this issue goes to prove that it's this series as a whole that is brilliant...truly this issue was awe-inspiringly explained the ties to the original DC character AND it explained the origins of our Unknown Soldier as they should be explained.
I urge everyone with any interest in the best of what comics have to offer to seek out the trades or back-issues of this series, it simply demands to be read.
Other then that, I remain in my same position of having the utmost respect for Joshua Dysart in doing what many more prominent writers often cannot when their series doesn't perform...end it properly. And I have to continue giving a big finger to the folks who chose to make their company about financial earnings rather then continuing a legacy of great books that proved comics can be so much more then the world makes them out to be.
You may not know your name Unknown Soldier, but after this journey for the past two years, I feel like I know you, I'm sad we must bid farewell but I know you'll make it the best of goodbyes next month...

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