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Goodbye Moses

You know, of all the four titles Vertigo has decided to sweep under the rug this fall Unknown Soldier is the most saddening for me...of all the titles I feel this one deserved to go on for at least several more years. This series is gold, but like many good comics it wasn't able to find its audience quickly enough to satisfy the businessmen controlling the industry. So yes, just two more issues following this one and then we'll have to say goodbye to one of the best comics on the shelves right now but take comfort in knowing Joshua Dysart doesn't plan on letting this just die in a way so many titles have before it. That is with an ending that has "I didn't get to end my story the way I wanted to" written all over it. 
Josh said after the announcement of the cancellation that he had actually been planning for this premature end for a while now and he's written the book in such a way that all of you hanging your heads in shame for not reading this will be able to pick the entire thing up in trade and never know it wasn't meant to end this way. And after reading this issue I have to say I believe him, you can tell the series is coming down to a proper conclusion and that the issue's before this have all been building up to it. 
Up until recently the series has seemed separate from the Unknown Soldier of the DCU but here the ties are made to the first Unknown Soldier. However, before that turns you off, it's done in a way that people who know nothing about that character can still get it. Now I don't want to spoil too much but the issue was essentially the tearful farewells of a man out to singlehandedly end a war...the Unknown Soldier says his goodbyes to both Jack Lee Howl and Moses' wife Sera in his own way and sets off to finish what he started in the first issue. 
Let's just say, prepare for one badass conclusion! 
Basically, it's too late to jump onto this book now but if you want to know a comic to pick up in trade (or back-issues) this is definitely one of those. It is very well researched and a very powerful a final note, up until a few days before the issues release all the preview images for the cover were of another image and I have to say I definitely think of the two the actual cover was a much better one...Dave Johnson is the man!

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