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The Universals is a collective undreamed of. These gods are the bringers of life to the cosmos. They enact cosmic justice.

What drives mortal men, such as jealousy, vindictiveness, the desire for revenge, the need to inflict pain are things that do not apply when it comes to the Universals. They are beyond such dalliance of emotion.

αΩMajor - Born in the heart of a cosmic conflagration. He is the Passion.

Gabereality - The cosmic archangel, he of the heavenly host bodies. He is the Glory.

Xonstructacles - The builder, driven to the brink of Insanity by a corrosive malady. The Author of the destructive scheme of annihilation.

Polymorpha - A different visage for every onlooker. She is the Compassion.

Canis - The personification of playful chaos. He is the Trickster.

Mr. Majestic - For a short time he was Universals, inherited his father's position as a guardian of Life itself.


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