Character » Universa appears in 11 issues.

    Universa found earth to be rich of energy, her people need to survive, so she came here to take it by any means necessary.

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    Universa is a warrior queen from a far off world, she's traveled countless miles to earth for its energy. She will not stop until she has enough energy, for her people depend on her to fulfill this mission. Universa was caught attacking a power plant by Invincible. She wouldn't stop attacking, so they threw down. She lost the battle and was locked up by Cecil Stedman.

    In an attempt to better himself, Invincible came to visit Universa in Stronghold Penitentiary. He and she talked their problems and differences out with each other. Invincible pulled a few strings to free her and get her the energy she needed. She got enough energy for her people, thanked Invincible, and left earth.

    Powers & Abilities

    Universa has been shown to have flight and super strength. But her deadliest aspect has to be her weapon, the Staff of Leadership, which strengthens her and emits powerful energy beams said to be capable of leveling cities.


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