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    Unity is Earth's elite super-powered task force..."In times of trouble, the world's deadliest heroes come together to face threats none can face alone. They are Unity, and when they fight as one there is no menace they cannot overcome."

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    Current Events

    Unity are trying to prevent worldwide disaster by stopping a designer virus from being released by the mysterious Dr. Silk and his high-tech terror cell Webnet.


    When X-O Manowar decided to invade Romania and claim it as The Visigoths new Kingdom, Toyo Harada put together the Unity team to stand against him. Originally consisting of four powerful and highly trained psiots from the Harbinger Foundation, the team was easily defeated by X-O Manowar. As a result, the team's roster was changed to Toyo Harada, Eternal Warrior, Livewire, and Ninjak. After Livewire managed to bond with Aric's armor using her technology manipulation and communication, Aric and his Visigoth people were captured with ease and sent to a prison camp under the care of Colonel Capshaw and M.E.R.O.(Now called G.A.T.E.) - a US Military division concerned with extra-terrestrial activities.

    After bonding with Shanhara (X-O Manowar armor) Livewire's powers were greatly enhanced and she was able to learn that Harada intended to keep the armor for himself. Harada planned on using the armors powers to further his goals of world domination which caused the rest of the team to retaliate. Together Eternal Warrior, Ninjak and Livewire fought Harada for the armor, ultimately defeating him. Unity returned the X-O Manowar armor to Aric, who subsequently joined the team. Meanwhile Aric had come to an understanding with M.E.R.O. to become their agent in exchange for land and homes for his people in an unpopulated region of Nebraska.


    Unity was created by writer Matt Kindt and artist Doug Braithwaite. They first appeared in Unity #1 (Nov. 2013).

    Major Story Arcs

    To Kill A King

    Unity take on X-O Manowar
    Unity take on X-O Manowar

    Toyo Harada's first Unity team was decimated within minutes of confronting X-O Manowar. The powerful psiot then formed a new team including himself, Ninjak, Livewire and Eternal Warrior. This team was successful in defeating Aric and taking his armor. However when the rest of the team learned Harada was planning on using the armor himself for world domination, they retaliated and defeated their former leader. The armor was returned to Aric who then joined the team. Unity is now led by Livewire.

    Doctor Silk and Webnet

    In one of there first missions together the team confronts Doctor Silk and his cell organization Webnet.

    Armor Hunters

    When the Armor Hunters arrived to earth's door step Unity comes together to repel the hunters attack. Livewire recruits Bloodshot to help guard Malgam and fend off the attack from the hunters.

    The United

    The United is a group of counterparts that mission was to eliminate Gin_Gr and exposed Unity as frauds. Zephyr joins the team.

    The Valiant

    For centuries the Eternal Warrior had always lost protecting the Geomancers from the Immortal Enemy. In the present Bloodshot retrieves a box from a couple of Project Rising Spirit goons while Kay McHenry discuss her love life with Armstrong. Kay soon goes off to investigates a small town in Colorado when the Immortal Enemy arrives coming to take her life in the guise of Mr. Flay. An old fictional character Kay heard as a child. Soon the Eternal Warrior with the help of Colonel Capshaw and Neville Alcott assembles Unity and the rest of Valiant's heroes to confront the Immortal Enemy.

    Current Roster

    1. X-O Manowar
    2. Livewire
    3. Ninjak
    4. GIN_GR


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