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    The Uni-Power is a sentient power source that bonds to other beings in times of need to become Captain Universe, imbuing them with a variety of cosmic powers.

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    The Uni-Power is generally depicted as a glowing blue orb or a physical representation of the atom. When it bonds with a host, that being becomes Captain Universe. This is generally only for a limited time (sometimes as short as a few minutes), however when it occurs the person it bonds with gains access to limitless, near-omnipotent cosmic power.


    In addition to the protective molecular shell (the standard issue CU uniform) which nullifies the harmful effects of exposure to temperature extremes, radioactive particles, etc. and the memories of all the previous Captain Universes. The Uni-Power gives its host several abilities that, depending on how the host wields the power and how strong their willpower is, can make mortal men into Gods or simple Street Level Superheroes. Below is a list of said abilities:

    • Flight
    • Superhuman Senses and Attributes
    • Enhanced Durability/Invulnerability
    • Energy Manipulation
    • Reality Manipulation
    • Time Manipulation
    • Matter/Molecular Manipulation
    • Psychic/Psionic abilities

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