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    Volume » Published by DC Comics. Started in 1995.

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    A 3 issue series that dealt with the Underworld Unleashed storyline. The villains of the DC Universe underwent their own extreme makeovers in Underworld Unleashed, by writer Mark Waid and artist Howard Porter. In this crossover saga, the powerful demon Neron tempted heroes and villains alike with the promise of enhanced powers in exchange for their mortal souls.

    As many infamous characters accepted the terms of Neron's dark deal, they saw theur appearances upgraded and their power levels spike. Villains like Mr. Freeze, Copperhead, Major Disaster and even Killer Moth became heavyweight contenders with new and improved costumes and abilities. Accompanying them were Neron's inner council, made up of Abra Kadabra, Lex Luthor, Circe, Dr. Polaris and the Joker, each having made his or her own deal with the devil. In fact, in keeping with his character, the Joker sold his soul for a mere box of cigars. But villains weren't the sole beneficiaries of Neron's bargaining. The hero Blue Devil also submitted to Neron's twisted deal, upping his own powers at the coat of the death of a dear friend.

    A popular crossover, the mini series story passed through many titles of the time, spawned four tie-in specials and even employed a new fluorescent green ink color not seen before on DC's printing pallet.

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