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    The undead phanton of the WWE, the Undertaker is one of the longest lasting wrestlers in pro-wrestling history. A zombified mortician, the deadman has terrorized the wrestling world for more than thirty years, using his supernatural abilities to strike fear into all. From a simple undead zombie, to a ghostly phantom, to a cult leader, to a beserked biker, the Undertaker has become synonymous Wrestlemania, after obtaining a streak of twenty one wins, over the span of his career.

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    Wrestling Career


    The following describe's the in-ring narrative of the Undertaker, and is not intended as a biography of actor/professional wrestler Mark Calaway. According to WWE storylines, the Undertaker was born in Death Valley to a family alongside his brother, Kane. On one fateful day, Undertaker set his family's home on fire and damaged Kane's face. His nickname implies that The Undertaker died at some point, but somehow became undead.

    The Deadman in action against the late Dusty Rhodes
    The Deadman in action against the late Dusty Rhodes

    The Undertaker is also known as the Deadman. When wrestling, he is usually billed as coming from Death Valley, and he has traditionally been one of the most dominant forces in the WWE. The Undertaker debuted at the WWE's Survivor Series pay-per-view in 1990 in a match that also featured Bret "The Hitman" Hart and Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart. The Undertaker has gone on to establish a prestigious winning streak, as well -- only in his final match at Wrestlemania was he defeated by Brock Lesnar, who was managed by Paul Heyman. The Undertaker's career has been unmatched since his debut. Probably one of the most memorable matches in the Deadman's illustrious career was the Hell in a Cell match at King of the Ring in June of 1998. The Undertaker was set to meet Mankind (Mick Foley) inside the sadistic structure, but Mankind decided to start the match at the top of the structure. When Mankind tried to attack the Deadman he missed and fell nearly 20 feet from the top of the cell. After Mankind got back up (later reported with a broken arm), both men climbed the structure again. Mankind again slipped up and the Phenom choke-slammed him through the roof of the cell and down 15 feet to the mat. Mercifully the match ended just minutes later after the Undertaker used his then-signature finishing move, the tombstone piledriver, against Mankind. After the match Mankind walked away with one tooth missing and a whole in his bottom lip. The Phenom picked up his first victory inside the cell that night.

    The Undertaker has been both "a heel" (a villain) and a babyface ("a hero") in the cosmology of the WWE. As the leader of the Ministry of Darkness, he crucified Stone Cold Steve Austin as an offering to unidentified dark powers, as well as merging the group with Vince McMahon's stable, the Corporation, in order to form "The Corporate Ministry." He has been led out to the ring by dark-robed "druids," and has teamed with many of the same wrestlers with whom he has feuded, including Kane, various Mick Foley incarnations, Austin, the Rock, and others.

    The Streak

    Undertaker was undefeated at Wrestlemania for 21 years.

    The streak started at Wrestlemania 7 where he wrestled and defeated Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka. It continued at Wrestlemania 8 where he defeated Jake 'The Snake' Roberts.

    He had increased his undefeated streak to 18-0 with his defeat of Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXVI. Due to the stipulation of the match Shawn Michaels was forced to retire as a result of the loss.

    The following year Triple H challenged the Undertaker to avenge his friends loss. However, Triple H failed to beat the Undertaker and the streak moved to 19-0.

    At Wrestlemania 28 Triple H once again challenged the Undertaker at a match in Wrestlemania. This time it was a Hell in the Cell match with Shawn Michaels as a special guest referee. Even with the odds slightly in Triple H's favor he still lost the match and the Undertaker moved to 20-0.

    At Wrestlemania 29 CM Punk challenged the Undertaker. During the build up to the match, CM Punk had stolen the Undertaker's urn which was supposed to be the source of the Undertaker's powers. However, this did not make a difference as Punk still lost and the Undertaker moved to 21-0. It is widely speculated that the outcome of this match was a major contributing factor when CM Punk severed his ties with the WWE.

    Finally, at Wrestlemania 30, Brock Lesnar shocked the world by defeating the Undertaker.


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    At One Night Stand Edge did the unthinkable with a little help from his "La Familia". Just weeks before the PPV Smackdown GM Vickie Guerrero decided that if the Undertaker lost the TLC match then he was to be banished from all of the WWE. La Familia interfered giving Edge the upper hand in the match. The Undertaker managed to over come though and beat Edge to a pulp. It wasn't enough though. The Undertaker was just inches away from victory when Edge mustered the strength to push the ladder over sending the phenom down 15 feet and through a table. Edge climbed the ladder and grabbed the World Heavyweight Championship to pick up a win and banish the Undertaker. After Edges act of adultery Vickie Guerrero reinstated the Undertaker and put Edge and the Phenom inside Hell in a Cell at the biggest blockbuster of the year Summer Slam.

    Vegetative State

    Over Memorial Day weekend in 2010 Kane discovered that his brother was put in a comatose state by unknown assailants. Kane vowed vengeance and launched an investigation to discover who was responsible. It was unknown if the Undertaker would return, but after Kane claimed responsibility for his brother's condition, the Deadman returned and challenged him to a match at the next pay-per-view event. However, the Undertaker lost to Kane, leading to a rematch at Hell In A Cell, where he once again lost due to Paul Bearer interceding on Kane's behalf.

    Post Streak

    Upon having his streak broken, Undertaker went on a long hiatus and returned to WWE to feud with Bray Wyatt. Bray wanted to claim his soul but Undertaker refused and decided to fight Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania 31 and score the victory. Undertaker returned to WWE again at Battleground where he appeared out of nowhere and attacked Brock Lesnar during his match with Seth Rollins. This embarked a vicious outcome the next day which saw Lesnar and Undertaker brawling. They met again at Summerslam and once again, The Undertaker stood tall against Lesnar by using an underhanded move and taking out Lesnar with his submission move. The final battle of Lesnar and Undertaker was at Hell In A Cell with Lesnar finally destroying The Undertaker.

    Post match, Undertaker was attacked by The Wyatt Family and he decided to team up with his brother to reform The Brothers Of Destruction. They defeated The Wyatt Family even with Braun Strowman being there. The Undertaker returned to feud with Shane McMahon and defeated him at Wrestlemania 32.

    He returned once again to enter the Royal Rumble, but was eliminated by Roman Reigns to start up a feud between the two that ended with Reigns defeating The Undertaker, and seemingly leading to the Deadman's retirement. However, the Undertaker returned once again for a short-lived feud with AJ Styles.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Undertaker has supernatural powers that comes from the urn that he prioritizes:

    • Teleportation - The Undertaker has shown to be able to teleport anywhere in the ring when the lights turn off. He commonly uses this as a surprise such as teleporting behind the opponent or next to his opponent's to spook them. He is able to do this multiple times as seen with the match with Batista against Rey Mysterio where he incapacitated them by attacking them.
    • Immortality - Due to being already dead, Undertaker is able to come up after being buried alive multiple times and he was able to survive a car crash explosion. It is said that the only way to defeat The Undertaker is to finish him off for good.
    • Electricity Manipulation - The Undertaker has electric abilities such as being able to electrify a casket, electrify the entrance stage and electric the ring.
    • Pain Imperviousness - During the olden days, The Undertaker was impervious to pain and he was able to sit up after taking moves surprising others.


    • Old School - Undertaker grabs his opponent's arm, move towards a nearby turnbuckle and climb to the top before slowly walking on the ropes with him holding his opponent's hand. He then jumps down and smacks his opponent's back.
    • Chokeslam - Undertaker hold his opponent's neck with one hand, lifts them up and slam them down with great force.
    • Big Boot - Undertaker drives his boot into his opponent's face while running.
    • Last Ride - The Undertaker lifts up his opponent in a powerbomb style, walks a little, extends the height and powerbombs his opponent straight towards the floor
    • Tombstone Pildedriver - The Undertaker lifts his opponent and spins them to a reverse piledriver before planting them hard on the floor. This is his Ultimate Attack.

    Hell's Gate - The Undertaker rolls his opponent and Undertaker is on the floor with his opponent kneeling. Undertaker grabs the opponent's head and pulls it to cause pain. This is his second strongest finisher.


    Undertaker (Chaos Comics)

    Undertaker and KaneUndertaker and Kane

    The Undertaker's story starts off in hell. He fights for the devil's amusement. He is the future ruler of Stygain, hell's prison. At first he only possesses the third volume of the book of the dead. In order to rule Stygain he must obtain all three volumes, But in order to do this he must kill the Embalmer and his step-father Paul Bearer. Paul Bearer was easy enough to dispose off. He has his servant Lotan, a werewolf type demon, sniff him out. When the two come to Paul Bearer's dwelling Lotan betrays the Undertaker and attacks him. Little to Paul, Lotan, or the Undertaker's knowledge The Undertaker's half-brother,Kane, and half-sister Jezebelle, were there.Kanedoesn't say much. He is the muscle of the two. He killed Lotan quickly and then blasted Paul Bearer out of a window using his ability to manipulate fire. This allows The Undertaker to take the First volume of the book of the dead, but he was still missing the crucial Second book. The Second volume of the Book of the Dead was in the hands of a man who broke into Stygain and freed demons inorder for his bidding. This man was the Embalmer. He had many of his demons in the World Wrestling Federation, where Kane was also in. The Embalmer possesed the ability of manipulating flames aswell which is how he originally escaped the Undertaker. Undertaker was shot in the back after killing a dozen demons and fell out of the window of the Embalmer's scyscraper. The Deadman holds the Books that show the Past and the Future, But lacks the Present. This is why the Embalmer is so dangerous.

    WWE Superstars (Super Genius Comics)

    The Undertaker own a tattoo parlor inTitan City, called "The Funeral Parlor". He is contacted byCM Punkto get him on his side. The Undertaker declines, claiming he doesn't take sides.


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