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The Undersoul was an entity that sat at the big bang of an alternate universe. Little is known about the Undersoul, except that he desired perfection, and was diligent in trying to wipe out any imperfection he sees in our universe.
The Undersoul’s arch-enemy was the third Hourman, and according to the Undersoul, the two had fought hundreds of times over countless eras. Hourman first met the Undersoul in the 853rd century, when the Undersoul sent his Else-Spheres to slaughter the inhabitants of Rann-Prime. The Else-Spheres fought Justice Legion Alpha members Superman, Wonder Woman, and Hourman, as well as the Adam Stranger, who was killed in the conquering of Rann-Prime. Hourman stopped the Else-Spheres, and pushed them back to the Undersoul’s big bang.
From the Undersoul’s point-of-view, though, the Undersoul first met Hourman in 20th century Happy Harbor, when the Undersoul was still human. Hourman and Snapper Carr were thwarting agents of the Undersoul, who were trying to rid America of its homeless. Hourman and Snapper stopped the Undersoul’s agents, the Snatchers, and when Hourman showed the Undersoul his future, the Undersoul swore not to continue his methods. It is unknown whether the Undersoul kept his promise.

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