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The Uncreated started out as a race of artificially-created insectoid beings called "The Works". They were created by a cosmically empowered insectoid who was never specified or named. In their initial stage as "The Works" they simply strove to be good followers and creations since the existence of a "superior being" their creator "God" would always be superior. As time went on however, all their achievements were seen as trifling in the eye of their creator and thus it eventually developed into a plane-wide epidemic of "lack of faith" and a super case of inferiority. .

To this end they started going all over their universe in search of their creator to qualify their existence and give their lives meaning. After finally discovering his location, they violently attacked him and a war erupted between them. Their savagery and sheer numbers soon overcame their "Creator" and he was defeated and his flesh consumed by their mighty race which they now christened "The Uncreated", having proven their superiority by killing their so-called "superior being"..


Uncreated out of armor.
Uncreated out of armor.

The Uncreated so called themselves because in their eyes they had effectively re-created themselves on their own terms and in their own image by killing their God/Creator. This new resolve led to great happiness for their people but this was short-lived as they had thought their creator the literal "God" who had created all, but when they traveled to other planets and expected the people there to revel with them that "God" was dead they did not get that. Instead they came to realize that their "Creator" was not recognized by any of the other planets. The gods and their respective pantheons were specific to the planets on which they originated, as was the belief system of the different lifeforms.

Outraged that these other races refused to realize that "God" was dead and also that they were content to worship their gods even though it meant they were inferior, the Uncreated started a crusade to eradicate all organized religion from the face of the universe. Any who refused to denounce religion and all its trappings were slaughtered wholesale. They viewed those clinging to religion as inferior beings and thus expendable. Their crusade to convert the universe to "Atheism" would lead them into conflict with the Earth-based mutants of Excalibur, the British Black Air, and the mighty Shi'ar Empire, among others.


The Uncreated first appeared in Excalibur #88 (1995) in their armored form, and in Excalibur #90 (also 1995) their armor was removed and they revealed their true forms.

They were created by writer Warren Ellis and artist Carlos Pacheco.

Major Story Arcs


Uncreated attack Kitty.
Uncreated attack Kitty.

The Uncreated sent a ship of scouts to the blue planet known as Earth to determine if the planet was in need of religious cleansing. The ship however received heavy damage from unknown means when entering Earth's atmosphere and crash-landed in London. Their surviving members where taken into the custody of Black Air. They were taken to a base codenamed "Dream Nails" and their blood was used as a base to create a virus known as "Blood Eagle". This virus had the ability to cut its host to pieces from the inside out based on stress levels. Their technology was also used to create new mutant-hunting machines which would burn out their brains once the X-factor gene was detected. The cruelty that they experienced led them to think that all humans were the same, pointless and inferior. To make matters worse, they also observed various religious practices from those around them, marking the human race for extinction.

They were later met by Kitty Pryde of the X-Men, and Pete Wisdom. After explaining their history to them they made an attempt on their lives but were defeated right before the base exploded, killing the Uncreated who were present.

Shi'ar Invasion

At war with the Shi'ar.
At war with the Shi'ar.

A band of Uncreated met with the techno-organic Phalanx. Apparently the two races got along well, the Uncreated were left unharmed by the Phalanx as they had no home of their own for the Phalanx to assimilate and the Uncreated respected them as a race that lived untethered to a god. After this meeting of minds they crossed Shi'ar space and destroyed a few planets which brought them to the attention of then empress Lilandra Nermani. She led her troops against them and they vowed to destroy the Shi'ar for not abandoning their Gods. The Starjammers, led by Corsair of Earth, entered the battle to save lives, and after hacking into the Uncreated's computer files they created a hologram of the Uncreated's "creator". When they were faced with the prospect that they were unsuccessful in rising above and being superior to their creator since he'd returned, many of the Uncreated committed mass-suicide by way of self-destructing their ships. The war was over and those Uncreated who had failed to kill themselves because they were not on their ships were taken as prisoners of war, separated, and sent to many different prison worlds. The Uncreated were no more.

War of Kings

Recently, one of the Uncreated left alive during the Shi'ar invasion was selected by the Shi'ar 's newest emperor, the Earth-based Omega level mutant Vulcan to serve in his new Imperial Guardcomprised of the most dangerous criminals the Shi'ar had ever encountered. This lone member then joined the group know as The Praetorians to track down and kill the god known as Phoenix Force, which at the time resided in Rachel Summers, who was tagging along with new Starjammers leader, and brother to the emperor, Havok of the X-Men.

Physical Characteristics

The Uncreated are a mixture of humanoid and insectoid in physical appearance.

They have two legs and arms, one head with two eyes, no ears, and they have varying numbers of fingers on each hand with an opposable thumb. Their bodies are covered in sharp quills that are very sharp. They have claws on each hand as well as on their feet.

They are either brown, purple, or green in color.

The blood of the Uncreated also seems to carry an unspecified disease that may be highly toxic and even lethal to humans.


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