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    Character » Uncle Terry appears in 50 issues.

    Locked away in an attic all his life, Uncle Terry is a twisted disfigured character who befriends his nephew, young Kenny Corman. After a series of accidents, Uncle Terry and Kenny are forced to go on the run...

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    The story, Monster, started in Scream! issue one, but Uncle Terry wasn't to appear until issue two, when Kenny Corman stumbles across him in the attic.

    A disfigured social outcast, he befriends his young nephew, Kenny Corman, but after a series of murders they're forced to go on the run together.

    Uncle Terry is eventually arrested, and separated from his nephew Kenny, but Terry escapes from the prison van he is being transported in, and once again goes on the run. More adventures follow and he eventually ends up in Australia (after stowing away on a cargo ship).

    Monster ran for 46 episodes and made the jump from Scream! to Eagle (after Scream! was cancelled). Three one-off text stories also appeared in the Scream! Holiday Specials.

    Monster episode guide:

    • Scream! issues 1-15 (episodes 1-15)
    • Eagle issues 128-158 (episodes 16-46)

    One-off text stories:


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