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    Uncle Scrooge is one of the richest and stingiest ducks in the world. He is also uncle to Donald and Della Duck, Gladstone Gander, Gus Goose, and Fethry Duck.

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    He is the rich uncle of Donald Duck. While different stories have interpreted his origin differently, Don Rosa's canon dictates that he is the brother of Matilda and Hortense McDuck, the latter being the mother of Donald. He was born and grew up in Scotland, and worked his way up to the wealthiest duck in the world, from virtually nothing.


    The comic that tells the origin of Scrooge McDuck is the Duck Dynasty.

    Scrooge McDuck was born in Scotland. He had two sisters, Hortensia and Matilda. In the hills his family was arch enemy with the clan of Whiskervilles. Little Scrooge begins as a shoe black, and the first pay he gets is an American dime.Nothing, to a Scottish. So, he understands that the world is tough, well, he'll be tougher than the toughest, and he'll always make his accounts balance.

    At the age of thirteen he moves to America and joins one of his uncles (Angus) to pilot a steamboat on the Mississippi. Here he fights against his first enemy, a gambling man (cheater), Soapy Slick.

    After, his life is a never ending travel: first to Texas (and here he becomes a herdsman under the name Buck McDuck), then Montana, after to Copper Hill. He returns home when it comes out of his knowledge that his mom is dead.

    After a quick return, he becomes the 'Terror of Transvaal', where he meets Roosevelt. Then, he moves to the Australian Desert. Finally, he becomes and Argonaut in the White Death Ditch, in Alaska, and founds the gold nugget which is called Duck-egg nugget for its big size.

    At the end, he's the richest duck in the world, the most cantankerous, though.


    Scrooge was created by Carl barks in 1947.

    This is totally what happened!
    This is totally what happened!

    There have been so many other artists who lent their hands to drawing and writing Uncle Scrooge stories, most notably Don Rosa.

    Character development

    Uncle Scrooge has developed a lot since his first appearance. In his first appearance, he is very Scottish and grumpy. This Scrooge would become the inspiration for Flintheart Glomgold.

    You're a mean one, Mr. Scooge....
    You're a mean one, Mr. Scooge....

    Later, as time went on, he became thinner and less rough. Later still, he has become more kinder, even taking care of Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

    As his character became to grow in popularity, so did the characters he kept around him. To add to his group of characters were Gyro Gearloose, Miss Quackfaster and many others.

    Duck Tales

    When Uncle Scrooge and the other residence of Duckburg were adapted for the TV show Duck tales, even more characters were added to work with Scrooge. For example, we are introduced to Launchpad (the pilot), Gizmo Duck/ Fenton Crackshell (his guard), Duckworth (his butler), Mrs. Beakley (the maid), and her granddaughter, Webby.

    This universe of characters has become separate from that of the regular Uncle Scrooge volume, which publishes (and in some cases republishes) content from famous duck enthusiasts.

    Major Arcs

    Rightful Owners

    Uncle scrooge opens the Scrooge McDuck Collection, which houses some of the artifacts he has found on his adventures. However, he makes a bet with John D. Rockerduck on who is Duckburg's biggest Philanthropist. So, Scrooge must return some of his treasures, but is there another force working against Scrooge? Find out next issue!


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