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    Whether he's battling a malevolent mummy or keeping one breast-stroke ahead of Earth-drowning floods, Scrooge McDuck knows that his money comes first—and he'll do anything to keep it safe, especially with the Beagle Boys, rival tycoons, and hex-happy Magica De Spell lurking about! It's IDW's Uncle Scrooge #7–12 in a special collectors' hardcover: epic Disney tales by Romano Scarpa, Giorgio Cavazzano, and more, plus bonus Scroogian extras assembled just for this book. "Burst me bagpipes!"


    • Mummy Fearest (From Italian Topolino #1190 (1977))
    • Of Mice and Magic (From Dutch Donald Duck #5/1980)
    • Peril of Pandora's Box (From Dutch Donald Duck #33/2003)
    • Sleep Tight (From Italian Topolino #2922 (2011))
    • The Doorman Doormat (From Swedish Kalle ANka & C:o #15-16/2011)
    • The Dashingest Dudebro (From Dutch Donald Duck #44/1995)
    • Another Christmas on Bear Mountain (From Italian Topolino #2717 (2007))
    • Blizzard Blues (From Dutch Donald Duck #50/1995)
    • The Eternal Knot (From Italian Topolino #355 (1962))
    • Wrapped Up In Work (From Dutch Donald Duck #9/2004)
    • Love is Never Having to Say You're Sentenced (From Danish Anders And & Co. #48/2009)
    • Scrooge's Ark Lark (From Italian Almanacco Topolino #273 (1979))
    • Bad Things Come In Threes (From Danish Anders And & Co. #39/2010)
    • Ten Little Millionaires (From Italian Topolino #2984 (2013))
    • Gem Scam Jam (From Italian Almanacco Topolino #92 (1964))
    • A Witch in Crime (From Swedish Kalle Anka & Co:0 #38/1984)


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