Uncle Scrooge: The Third Nile #1

    Uncle Scrooge: The Third Nile » Uncle Scrooge: The Third Nile #1 - Volume 8 released by IDW Publishing on November 2017.

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    Everyone's favorite Disney ducks are off on another adventure, this time to search the tombs of Egypt and the icy mountains of Scandinavia! And what for? Treasure, of course! A quest into Egyptology for Scrooge, Donald, and Ludwig Von Drake gets hairier with the Beagle Boys hot on our heroes' trail–and prehistoric caveducks ready to pounce! Then it's off to Finland for a lost McDuck Clan fortune... but the quest won't be easy when villainous Azure Blue and Sharky get involved! Collects issues #23–25.

    Story Titles

    • The Third Nile (from Italian Topolino 2281-2282, 1999)
    • Design Flaw (from Icelandic Andrés Önd 45/2012)
    • Donald's Crime (from Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 54, 1945)
    • Two for One (from Norwegian Donald Duck & Co. 8/2015)
    • Permanent Audience (from Italian Topolino 2274, 1999)
    • Science On the Move: The Moon (from Italian Topolino 2798, 2009)
    • The Hansa Hazard (from Finnish Aku Ankka 24/2011)

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