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    The bald, crazy uncle who has quite an electric personality.

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    Uncle Fester is one of the most crucial members of the Addams family, Morticia's uncle in the television series continuity and Gomez's brother in the film continuity.


    Fester was created by Charles Addams.

    Character Evolution

    Fester's character development comes almost entirely from his on-screen portrayals, as in the original comic strips he was very rarely shown with the rest of the family, and had no name until after his TV debut.

    In the TV series continuity, Fester Frump is Morticia's uncle who has come to live with them. In a flashback episode to Morticia's first meeting with Gomez while Gomez was still engaged to Morticia's sister Ophelia Frump, Uncle Fester was called in to help solve the romantic triangle because of his fierce loyalty to his niece Morticia. One of this Fester's favorite threats was to ask someone who annoyed him to turn around so he could "shoot him in the back", although it becomes clear in the series that his threat in all bluff. In one episode, a "hippie" gives him a motorcycle, which he is occasionally seen riding the rest of the series. Fester Frump is sometimes accused of spoiling his great-nephew and great-niece, Pugsley and Wednesday, and often teams up with Grandmama for well-meaning meddling into the lives of the other Addamses.

    In the film continuity, while Fester Addams is close to his brother Gomez, having grown up as best friends, the two are also highly competitive of one another. Fester also has a close relationship with his niece and nephew, Wednesday and Pugsley.

    Powers and Abilities

    Fester has the ability to generate electricity. He is also alarmingly resistant to damage, sleeping on a bed of nails, using a head clamp to cure his headaches, and stretching out on a rack to relax his back. In one TV series episode, his depression is cured by eating thermometers (poisonous mercury and all) and tongue depressers as if they were celery.

    Other Media


    Fester Addams appears in the movie adaptations The Addams Family and Addams Family Values. In both instances, he is portrayed by Christopher Lloyd, and in both the character plays a pivotal role. In The Addams Family, the plot revolves around Fester's return to the family after twenty five years, while in Addams Family Values, Fester is manipulated by a beautiful con artist who seduces him and then tries to kill him for his inheritance.

    In the film Addams Family Reunion, Fester is portrayed by Patrick Thomas.


    Uncle Fester Frump appeared in two live action Addams Family television series: The Addams Family (played by Jackie Coogan), and The New Addams Family (played by Michael Roberds). He also appears in two separate animated series: The Addams Family (1973) and The Addams Family (1992).


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