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    Character » Uncle Chan appears in 3 issues.

    The man, known only as "Uncle" is the wise no nonsense chi-wizard and Jackie Chan's uncle in the Jackie Chan Adventures cartoon.

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    During his early years, Uncle was a member of the Seven Little Fortunes opera troupe, where he was schooled in the art of the Chinese opera, he also owned an 8-track music shop, which has since become an antiques store. Uncle is also a proficient martial artist, but due to old age has decided to take a more traditional approach to fighting evil, by way of magic, learning the art by training with chi-wizard Master Fong for fifteen years.

    Though Uncle lives in the United States, it is predicted that he had at one point immigrated from China, as he speaks fluent Cantonese, reads and writes in perfect Chinese and often partakes in stereotypical Chinese activites like eating with chopsticks and drinking tea. During first season of Jackie Chan Adventures, it is Uncle that introduces Jackie to his niece Jade and while the two go off on adventures, Uncle mostly stays in the antique shop.

    Uncle is often called on to give Jackie advice (whether Jackie likes it or not) about events involving Chinese mythology, such as talismans, ancient masks or demons and while being a main character, his part is made bigger in the second season, when he takes one of Valmont's henchmen, Tohru as his student.

    When he feels he is being ignored or disobeyed, Uncle will often have the sudden urge to hit them in the head with a two-fingered strike, something which has become quite the running gag on the show, other such gags involve the non-revelation of Uncle's real name (with everyone calling him "Uncle") and that no-one really knows just how he is related to the other members of the Chan family.


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