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    Some serious Deja vu

    Well what can i say but Psylockes back in business and also which i thought was a nice touch is that we get to see English betsy as well. 
    First off the cover is get love the spilt in the middle with english betsy on one side and curret betsy on the other 
    what i also liked about this Story arc is that it introduces you to lesser known characters like masterminds daughters 
    and where does this story begin in Japan with Domino. 
    it was also quite interesting that with the amount of mutants in the building the X-men get there asses handed to them but as x-men they turn the tables on the sisterhood while in the battle between the teams one line caught my attention it really made me laugh When emma said to one of Masterminds daughters " That top makes you look low class" see some off the old character mentioned and like Jean and see one of my favourite x-men villians madylene pryor back again was a great twist

    Along with the old x-men having the new x-men in the story was very entertaining Pixie and The Stepford Cuckoos were Badass in this story and when i say Badass i mean it seeing Pixie take out Empath music to my ears. Seeing Psylocke battle her evil self and win against it was pretty good it showed her as the true warrior she is. 
    the only real dislike about this Story was the X-Club traveling into the past i can understand why they did it but it wasnt a great read yes you get to see Shaw for the hellfire club and one of the first sentinels but it wasnt a great addition to the story 
    so all in all this is a great read espically if your a Psylocke fan seeing the old Betsy puts a great twist to the story and this is definatly worth picking up.

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