elixir95's Uncanny X-Men Annual #2 - White Queen, Dark Reign review

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    Before this, I didn't believe Fraction could write a good X-Story

    Emma Frost.  Adored by many.  Hated by just as much.  But, it has to be admitted that she is a very intriguing character and in that vain is also a very compelling one, with her tough crap attitude and blunt dialogue are just two of the several things that make this character in my opinion.  I never really had the chance to see her be fleshed out in Generation X or New X-Men because they were before my time but they are on my list of stuff to buy, but this offered a really cool, original insight to her background while staying true to the character's current characterization and keeping continuity in check. 
    I've always been interested in Namor's character, and I was glad this issue offered an in depth analysis of his character plus fleshed out a lot of his personality for me who haven't seen him in much but just know him as a very stubborn, powerful and arrogant Atlantean.  It was good to see his "weaker" side of sorts, or at least a more negotiable side, that still slotted in well with his other traits. 
    I will admit, I had my doubts from the off set: I dismissed this to be another stupid, meaningless issue when I heard Fraction was writing it and that it was tied into Dark Reign, but I'm glad to confess that I was wrong: it's obvious that Fraction deals a lot better with fewer characters to focus on.  In the main Uncanny title, the writer seems to struggle to keep characters true to themselves while also blending them into the main plot, but with this self contained issue he does an amazing job.  In addition to this, Acuna's artwork is immense: it's so attractive with the watered colours, although sometimes characters with minor appearences such as Tony Stark weren't immediately recognizable, but his depiction of the Sentinels and Atlantis were beautiful. 
    Suggested buy, really. 

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