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Back from Limbo, Back to Reality

The first issue following the Limbo arc plays on a pair of classic X-Men themes as Fabio faces the questions and concerns of his family when he returns to them and reveals his mutant powers and the X-Men rescue another young mutant whose public display of his new found powers get him shot by a trigger-happy cop. Both are very common kinds of stories the various X-titles have dealt with for decades and both have their moments including finally picking up the thread of Dazzler's story introduced months ago. We also get a conversation between Cyclops and Magneto to clarify to each other, and the readers, where exactly the pair stand going forward.

One final note, I'd actually rate this a 3.5 instead of a 3. You can find more of my reviews (with images) on RazorFine Reviews

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    This has been surprisingly an amazing series, as although I initially didn't get it cause I felt it'd not be good, after hearing the good things about it I decided to get the back issues, and the series since. I'm glad I've done so as it's been amazing, and although not always brilliant fairly consistent.PlotBack from Limbo (Hell) the X-Men deal with Fabio Medina wanting to leave the team, as well as helping another mutant.ReviewThis was a great issue, and continues with the series' consistency....

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    Uncanny X-Men #8 - Coming home to find youv'e been "beDAZZLED" 0

    COVER ART: 4.5/5CHRIS BACHALO does everything almost perfect in this cover! He created this great energy and buzz with this cover. We know Magneto had semi-betrayed the X-Men in the first few issues so is this going to be the "clash of the titans" between Scott and Eric that this cover is representing? Well, no, not at all, and that is why it loses a half star. Chris pulled a little bit of a switcharoo on us fans, but ultimately I am okay with it as the story was very well done and the cover it...

    6 out of 6 found this review helpful.

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