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    "OOH OOH OOH its Magik!" Uncanny X-Men issue 7

    Cover Art: 5/5

    Frazer Irving does a spot on job capturing the essence and the feel of Magik in her "Limbo" look. This to me is not about proper proportions, or facial expressions, this to me is a true piece of art in itself. This image creates emotion, has depth, meaning. I love it.

    Story Art: 5/5

    I have come to appreciate why Irving was chosen to represent the X-Men while in Limbo, and through this ethereal adventure they are currently on. The first two pages create this calming feeling with the calm blues, purples and greys and black-smoke. And then the contrast on page 3, (which I have posted for you guys), of deep angry red from Cyclops and the fire of Limbo, and the fiery yellow of Dormammu. The use of base color in this issue is magnificent to change not only location but tone, tempo, feel. The art could truly tell this story without any dialogue, which is a true testament to Frazer Irving. His use of Negative Space, as well as camera angles and facial expressions is top notch in this book. There is so much movement and action in each panel, and I love that we get many opportunities to see Cyclops let loose with his optic-blast. Even though it is technically broken, it is so raw in power it is something to behold. Each character has their own look and personality through expression so following along is easy through the art. I love the page with the four brand new students (including Angel from the past) blocked off in black & white. This is an artistic story telling at its finest. This is to show, through the art, that these four are true newbies and totally unprepared, whereas Cyclops, and the cuckoos are veterans of battle and stay in the red, the color. I love it. Here are a few of my favorite pages from this episode.

    No Caption Provided
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    The image to the left is the 3rd page of the issue that takes you from the peace of the conversation between Magik and Strange, and deep into the battle in limbo. I love to see Cyke laying down some optic blast!

    No Caption Provided

    I love the look on the faces of the four newbies in black and white. They are totally overwhelmed, while their leader is in the thick of the battle.

    No Caption Provided

    I just love this image of Magik, and the camera angle.

    Story line: 5/5

    This is about overcoming adversity folks, and who does not like that or cannot relate to that? For the X-Men, that means fighting in Limbo with broken powers or a team of newbies that are unprepared for the visuals of Limbo and the heat of battle. For the rest of us, that could mean taking a test we did not study for and showed up to class with a hangover, or going to work and having to face your boss who you know is going to fire your a$$ today. We all must buck up and overcome adversity, and for the Uncanny X-Men, that is what this issue is about. Magik and Cyclops having to put their Egos and Pride to the side and realize they need help. They have been "faking it until you make it" until now, but when the cards are put on the table, the truth must set you free. Magik gets the help she needs from Dr. Strange, and she is able to save her team from the perils of Limbo and transport the team back to Earth. Cyclops gets the help he needs by leading an unprepared team into battle and almost getting everyone killed. He realizes he needs to go back to the basics and train, including himself. The true mark of a true leader. My favorite line in this story reads "it may have been overreaching but sometimes you don't know what you can do till you try". This is a great line for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Christopher the Healer must overcome his own belief system what he can do, and actually bring his teammate back from the dead. Everyone in this story becomes better through this horrible experience, maybe except Goldballs, he bit@hes out and wants to go home. Either way, great story, great adventure, great character development, great messages.

    Overall: 5/5 Pick this book up whenever you are feeling a little grim, or like you just arent good enough or don't think you are good enough, and this team and this story will make you feel like if you at least try, give yourself a shot, maybe just maybe you can win the day, or at least survive. This will be a comic I reread many times over the years, and will be one of my favorite comics this year as it relates to Marvel and the X-Men series.

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