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Uncanny X-Men #3


Well, if anyone who watches me knows, I don't read Marvel. I occasionally get a book from my shop as a gift or to try something new, and I have read the New Avengers issue 2 and couldn't stand it. As a DC guy I was hell bent to not compromise to the enemy that is Marvel, that is until I realized something. A different take or something new is always good, and why not try and mix it up with the companies, try out something that catches your eye. That is what I did, and boy has this been on my eye for a while. I've followed through synopsis' and the plots of AvX, and I grasped it, but this comic has intrigued me. How will Scott Summers move on after murdering his mentor, what will he do? Start his own damn school is what he is going to do. The theme of Revolution never seemed stronger with Scott on the helm and along with this knock out art, I knew I would have to pick this up sooner or later. Boy did I pick a good time, but on to the review.


Whenever I start something that I have little knowledge or have dropped into the middle of a story, my reviews are always different, as this title will be. I will do my best, and if available I will try and pick up past issues. So go easy on this review


The Avengers finally confront Scott and his X-Men and tensions are high. Cap is hell-bent on arresting Scott for murdering Xavier, and Emma makes a very valid point. The really blame is on multiple hands for what went down with the Phoenix Force. One of those to blame is apparently Tony Stark, who injected portions of the Phoenix Force into multiple Mutants, including Scott and Emma. To see these new Mutants and how they want to deal with things is also intriguing as a new reader. These guys are dealing with Mutants who have done this type of thing before, and have been on missions, and to see how ready they are for a fight is great to watch. Scott's logic is really inspiring to listen to, and to use what Xavier taught him in a more outreaching and forceful way just goes to show you how far he has come and how his experiences have molded him. He isn't quite like Magneto, as he accepts the help of humans, and doesn't proceed to judge them as the same, but his willingness to fight intolerance on any scale stands out in a strong way. There are so many strong subjects addressed in this issue that we in reality deal with every way, and I think the way this book is addressing them makes this X-Men title really stand out and affirm its message. The interactions with Barton, Rogers, and Stark are awesome and to see how the new Mutants handle the Avengers coming to town is great as well.

The one thing that I find the most fascinating is that Cyclops doesn't believe, nor does Emma for that matter, that Xavier's death was his fault. When they speak of his death, they say he died in battle. It is such a strong and unique way to deal with that, as I would think Scott would handle his unwilling killing of his father-like figure in a much more somber way. My last compliment will have to go to Magneto and Cyclops' interactions, as I know that Magneto resents Scott for killing Charles and is willing to help Shield and the Avengers. But it seems he is a double agent, and that really adds some suspense and mystery to the book. The way the book ends just begs the next issue to come as soon as possible and I might have to add this to my pull list.


I know I am ranting and raving over this book, but I think that to me it is the perfect mix between Story and Art. Bendis is doing a great job, and All New X-Men is another one of his books that caught my eye, but boy Chris Buchalo has just mesmerized me with his art. I see why people may not like it, it is definitely a different style, but I love it. I just gave a huge explanation of why I love the story, and I don't want to do the same with the art, but let it be known that this artwork has me so freaking hooked. The only thing I didn't like was Magneto's White Knight armor, with his past and whatnot I see what he wants to come off as more of a shining example and leader, even though that Scott really is in charge, but I just don't care for it.


If anyone has read my previous reviews I am known to be a stickler for trying to oversell a good thing. Batman has so many titles and is overbearing at times. Superman is about to be the same way. I also see that there are so many X-titles and Avenger titles, because that is what sells. But this book, along with All New X-Men have really been on my mind, and seems to be a great focal point to add new readers. For Marvel to follow DC's New 52, with Marvel Now really opens up the doors for people like me. This book is an accomplishment for not only the X titles, but for Marvel as well, and I am willing to keep getting this if the momentum stays high.


STORY: 5/5

ART: 5/5

SCORE: 5/5

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