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Wolverine Does Brazil

Is it bad that nearly all of the reviews I have done for Uncanny X-Force have gotten close to a perfect score? 

The Good 

Do not underestimate the powers of Magneto. Not only is he the "Master of Magnetism," but he probably knows a hell of a lot of stuff you don't know he knows- that he isn't "supposed" to know- which makes this issue even more awesome. Magneto doesn't just casually appear on the cover of Uncanny X-Force #9 because in essence, this issue is all about him. Magneto knows, and has known that X-Force exists as a team, and that they work together to "neutralize threats," but on this particular occasion, Magneto makes a request that would involve revenge. 
As a self contained issue, this one really stood out to me. It's incredibly well written, and a fantastic story for any X-Men fan. I absolutely loved it. The pacing in the story by Remender was perfect. I particularly enjoyed the fact that Remender allowed so many of Billy Tan's panels to tell the story for him- something I thought was incredibly well executed. 

The Bad 

There were no dips or trips in the story. I loved this book. 

The Verdict 

You know that a comic is really good when the reader can read more deeply beneath the story. Remender allows Tan to tell parts of the story- the underlying reasons for Wolverine's actions and his lack of reluctance. There is a lot more going on in this comic than what the reader will see on the surface- and it's beautiful. Issue #9 is a self contained story that readers new to X-Force can appreciate. 

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