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I'm just gonna say that the variety in colors is what makes these covers so freaking cool.  I don't think I will ever dislike an Uncanny X-Force cover.  

The Good:

The fighting is awesome; the action never stops.  The altercation between two of the X-Force members is also very cool, and what somewhat things left unanswered previous issues.  It does, however, lay another seed for possible story lines in the future, which is something Remender has been doing throughout this series, and he does incredibly well here once again.  The art had a few weird  parts, but the use of colors and the overall action is depicted greatly and it is very pleasing to the eye.  And as usual, I want to know what the hell that was on the last panel.  Amazing!

The Bad:

Waiting for the next issue.  It sucks, I wish I could just keep reading this series without stopping.  That said, maybe to some that aren't collecting individual issues, this would be much better to collect as trade, that way they wouldn't have to suffer like I do.


This series is truly amazing.  If the weakest this series has yet to go is a 4/5 stars, then I'm on board for a long time if the writing and art are consistently this way!


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