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Great Issue!

I must say that one of my favorite stuff about this series is the versatility of colors and stances that one finds in all the covers.  I really dig this particular one, even more so than any of the previous ones, which have also been great. 
The Good: 
This issue has some of the coolest action I have seen in a while.  Hell, this entire series is action packed, with great storytelling and awesome art to back it up.  It also helps that we continue to see the same chemistry of this team that is not to be messed with.  In every issue so far, you actually feel like any of these guys can perish, since the missions they have currently been in are no laughing matter.  It's great to see Deadpool written in such a serious, menacing manner, and it's even better to see that Psylocke doesn't play around.  I could go on and on about how great this issue was.  Action packed, terrific pacing, believable dialogue and beautiful art.  
The Bad:  
My only qualms with this issue are not even with the issue itself, but with the whole .1 initiative instead.  I feel that they are a waste of space and money.  Most of the people that I know that are purchasing this are those that collect the series anyways and do not wish to have a gap in their collection.  I feel Marvel would've been better off just doing these as one-shots, but I guess we get what we get.  I can't complain when we get one of them of this caliber. 
If you haven't been reading Uncanny X-Force, you must absolutely jump on it right away.  This is a terrific issue, and though it's somewhat unrelated to the current story arc happening in the main series, this issue does at least a good job at introducing characters you may be unfamiliar with.


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