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The "Point One" Issue 7

As promised, Marvel continues their point-one initiative with the release of Uncanny X-Force 5.1.  The Good First off, it's X-Force. Who knew I would be so blown away by this unlikely match-up? At first, Psylocke, Wolverine, Angel, Deadpool and Fantomex seem like an unlikely group- until you start reading what is quite possibly the best team-up of all of Marvel's X-Men books. Even at it's worst, it seems that Uncanny X-Force is still actually quite good. The self co...

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Great Issue! 0

Cover:     I must say that one of my favorite stuff about this series is the versatility of colors and stances that one finds in all the covers.  I really dig this particular one, even more so than any of the previous ones, which have also been great.  The Good:   This issue has some of the coolest action I have seen in a while.  Hell, this entire series is action packed, with great storytelling and awesome art to back it up.  It also helps that we continue to see the same chemistry of this ...

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Point One Above the Rest 0

Uncanny X- Force #5.1 continues the "Point One" initiative Marvel has set.   The Good: Lady Deathstrike is out to destroy Utopia, but Wolverine and the gang won't have it. This is a self contained story and it does great on introducing the current players and just what it is they do exactly. You get some baggage from the previous Apocalypse arc, which to someone who reads this book month in and month out is great. However, new readers who are jumping on this issue won't really get that. We get a...

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Revenge is a dish best served cold 2

Forget that this is a "Point One" initiative issue,´cause let´s be honest with each other: Marvel, it´s a series that is currently in # 5 and you want us to believe that you need new readers in this? Come on, it´s been on for only a few months!! That initiative thing can work for old titles like Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, but why do the same aproach to a series that only started? Beats me, but that brings the initial phrase "forget that this is a 'Point One' issue" doesn´t it, because this...

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Them dames got incisive tongues 0

From what I have read of the point one issues at Marvel they have mostly been of a pretty high standard and this issue is no exception.  Again I come to the scene here with little background information on the mutants, but this issue is the first in the series which handles that so well.  That lack of clarity in the earlier issues is gone as the story here is laid out well before the action starts.  The team is up against the Reavers and Lady Deathstrike who are using Gateway to transport them t...

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We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program... 0

THE GOODOverall, this was a great book. I liked the art, though it usually isn't my favorite style, it fit nicely with the story line. I am usually not a fan of stories that start in the future and then say, "One Hour Earlier...", but in this book, it worked. Mostly because the first page was used as a shocking plot device - what is more terrifying than a powerful villain with adamantium talons for hands? It set the tone for the rest of the book very nicely.I just get so excited whenever my favo...

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