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    The Heartbreaking Truth

    B'awhhhhh...! *Sniffle, reaches for a tissue box*

    Th-this heart-strings...puck'd

    Straight from the get-go there's rip-roaring events to behold, the team finally managing to turn the odds in their favor and proceed to dismantle their enemies, one at a time, as Kid A dons the suite. We got team members brawlin', one taking flight out of cowardliness, enemies are fleein' scared, trying to make deals but at the same time helping themselves to a parting cruel jest. Explosions are abundant, and artfully mirror the way in which the team's world begins to fall apart, succeeding despite all the odds.

    The focus of the ish is of course on Kid A, and also Wolverine and Daken. In the case of the latter, an inevitable battle ensues, one that is heart wrenching, moving, and violent, all smashed into one. Echoing in the background are quotes of a past monologue, which in reflection give the developing scene tremendous effect. This moment was bound to happen, but no solace would be taken from it, only despair and sadness, coupled with the grieving thought that the outcome of this will forever leave a stain on the survivor. The reflective remembrance of past talk is masterfully paralleled with the present, creating a striking and recognisable contrast.

    This ish lets off with a defining ending. It is remarkable to see what happens, given who is in it, and after sinister truths are revealed, how they behave, contradicting their own nature. It comes to a close not packed with ill-timed chatter, but with persisting silence, as our team heads off to places anew, the site of their crumble and yet powerful rise drowning in flames.


    If you thought The Dark Angel Saga's conclusion was excellent you should feast your eyes on this. Though it is but the penultimate ending to this spectacular series, Final Execution enters its concluding stages in telling fashion. Remender has created a story whose wounds will not heal with time and comfort. What has happened cannot be reversed. Deep scars have been caused, and perhaps you could say even a few of the team's lives have been permanently changed. This is a fitting closure to a series that powerfully showed the members of X-Force at their lowest, most vulnerable moments.

    5//5 Stars

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