Uncanny X-Force #31

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The Good

Rick Remender makes it really hard for me to like him, and I think he does this on purpose. He probably thinks to himself, "I'm not just going to kill your favorite Marvel character, Sara, I'm going to pretend to bring him back. Just to pour some salt in the wound." As much as I admit there were moments in this issue that upset me, I can't deny that it wasn't a great issue.

The story opens three hours into the future where Evan appears dressed as Apocalypse, ready to rain down terror. He also says something interesting; implying that the results of the situation could never be altered. That this was inevitable. He becoming Apocalypse was the likely conclusion to this story. But is that necessarily true?

There are a lot of interesting relationships explored in this issue and some very interesting questions raised. I thought it was great to see Remender explore the relationship between Wolverine and Daken, and the question of whether or not he should be treated in the same way that other people are treated. Wolverine's response to Betsy in this scene is crucial and very telling; it will be interesting to see how it affects the relationship between the two characters in the future.

I loved Phil Noto's art in this issue, it's all really beautiful. The scene in the beginning with Sabretooth and Mystique is really well illustrated and the colors are just stunning.

The Bad

Nothing bad here.

The Verdict

If you've been reading this series you will definitely find yourself impressed with the events that take place in this book. It finally feels like things are beginning to come together in a really big way. What will happen to Evan? Will he be able to overcome the situation? Will he be manipulated by the 'Brotherhood'? Also, will X-Force find it in them to kill Evan? I was left with a lot of questions after reading this issue. It's very well organized with beautiful art and ends with a big cliffhanger. I am definitely looking forward to the conclusion. All around fantastic comic that X-Force fans are sure to enjoy.

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