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Delve Deeper into Disparity

Another day, another chapter of le Execution to prod and examine~

It picks up with the gang charging headlong into another futuristic dystopia, with disastrous results. For some, they get an eyeful of what the fruits of their dark labours turn out to be in this less than desirable time, whilst others let slip a few interesting revelations. Not to mention that a few notable future versions of some preeetttyyy interesting chars show up.

So, where's it all at?

Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Hmmmmm..... Straight off the bat, the differences in this ish compared to the last are apparent. For one, the shift in the artwork is noticeable, and though it wouldn't be to my tastes, others might find it good. You get to see the fallout from what the team had just gone through which has left a few of them quite on edge. It's interesting to see the conversations that go on between chars, as well as the few twists and turns this story boasts as it develops.

But, after reaching the end (to sight another cliffhanger!), I found I wasn't left as eager for more as I was with the last ish...which was a little disappointing. Perhaps this is merely a bump in the road, perhaps it's something different, but, rather than rushing straight off the back of awesomeness that the previous chapter had been. But! That's not to say that the ending isn't worth overlooking!

Buy if you wish, borrow perhaps to preview this and make up your own mind. Remember, these are merely my own thoughts!

3.5 // 5

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