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Mind, blown.

Please excuse me for a second.

*Holds up ish, bows before it*




Down to brass facts 'n' reviews. In brieffff since the hour is laaaaate.


This issue, put simply. One of the best, if not the greatest in this entire title to date! Everything from the catchy dialogue to the moving monologues by speaking chars to the deep artwork that captures the emotion of the moment to the sheer domino of cliffhangers that marveously bounced off of one another is simply spectacular. The ish's pace is exceptional, building up on what was laid down in the previous ish, gathering speed to finally reach the mother of all fever pitches! Rememder, Moto, White. You guys, outstanding. Of course I'd go into further detail 'bout what the heck actually goes on in this newest chapter buuuut.....Thar be lotsa' spoilerage. Soooo best you lot go off and pick up this gem for yourself to enjoy, cherish. Love, even, ha-ha. Of much as I liked this ish, it wasn't sublime or flawless.....particularly as things wrapped up....but the sheer amount of wtf-ery and jaw-dropping reveals is enough to make up for this! (And yay for one of my all-time fave chars for *doing something (epic)* in this wicked ish from the house of ideas)

5 o' 5 gems, stars, baubles, whatev's. <3

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