Uncanny X-Force #20

    Uncanny X-Force » Uncanny X-Force #20 - Otherworld, Chapter One released by Marvel on March 1, 2012.

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    The TRIAL OF FANTOMEX begins! Part 1 of 4

    The X-FORCE team journey to OTHERWORLD!



    Things do not look good for Fantomex. He has been charged with premeditated homicide and abducted from the X-Cavern by Captain Britain to stand trial in Otherworld. Captain Britain also abducted Psylocke in an effort to "save" her from her "horrible life as a member of X-Force".

    While Deadpool, Wolverine and AoA-Nightcrawler get acquainted, they are interrupted by Ultimaton, who informs them of the abduction of Fantomex and Psylocke.

    How did Captain Britain know about Cavern-X?

    What is the real reason he wants his sister back in Otherworld?

    Who is behind the battle for Otherworld?

    How were Fantomex's actions known to the Supreme Omniversal Tribune of Otherworld?

    Will Wolverine figure out where his teammates have been taken?

    Will Deadpool and AoA-Nightcrawler get along?

    All this and more awaits, in Chapter One of this new Uncanny X-Force story arc!


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    Omniversal Anomaly 0

    Highly Recommended!It is not often that I read a comic and I have no idea where it is headed. Because I know this series can take surprising turns, I am not quite sure of Fantomex's fate at this point. All I do know is that he has been taken, charged with premeditated homicide and judged by a very partial jury. We all know what he did had to be done, but it looks as though these Otherwold folks have their own agendas and preconceived notions.Besides the abductions and the trial, this book has a ...

    8 out of 9 found this review helpful.

    Uncanny X-Force # 20 0

    Another dimension problem we have to deal with and it’s captain Britain. A interesting turn that X-Force will have to take responsibility for. I like issue, it brings a new creative side in perspective and it’s a over all good read. Dead Pool has some comedic moments that will just leave you rolling on the floor laughing. This Night Crawler has stated, unquote, “hey I am a a**h*** and I am nothing like Nightcrawler from this dimension”. It’s tough for Wolverine to just adapt and say hey that’s n...

    0 out of 1 found this review helpful.
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