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What secrets does the man with the "M" on his face bring from the future?


In a secluded part of Los Angeles, Lucas Bishop wanders into a restricted area. Police officers try to stop him but he shrugs them off with a very uncharacteristic and primal roar.

In a club, Psylocke confronts the consequences of her brash actions against Spiral. The entire club seems to be possessed by an entity urging them to fight her collectively. Some members of the throng chant "stop her" in unison. Psylocke co-opts a man into helping her via her telepathy and he begins beating people off her. Scanning the minds of her attacks Psylocke views an angelic image that seems to prompt the "stop her" chant on the dance floor. She then turns her attention to her helper, changing his mindset to that of being in a video game so as to help him not be so reserved in hitting his friends. He perceives that he is a fighter in Mike Tyson's Punch Out and swings with wanton abandon.

In a vault, Storm and Puck find a girl who seems to be motivating the club crowd with telepathic signals. Before they can figure out what to do with her Spiral appears and teleports away with the girl. Puck acts fast and latches on and gets teleported to the roof with the two. Puck and Spiral spar for a moment before he gets hurled off the building. Fortunately, Storm catches him on her way up to the roof. When Storm sees that Spiral will not release the girl she sends Puck hurling at Spiral. Naturally, Spiral teleports away and Puck hits a wall.

Back in the club, Psylocke begins using her psi-blade freely, resetting everyone's minds as she retrieves her sword. The battle is quickly over.

In Hungary, Phantomex and Cluster enjoy a romantic dinner in a stolen air ship. Phantomex presents Cluster with some very rare stolen goods and she can't help but ask if he misses Psylocke. He hesitates but answers in the negative. Cluster admits that she misses Psylocke and, if she does, then Dark Phantomex must as well. She proposes they find Psylocke and protect her.

Aboard Psylocke's vehicle, Puck tries to get cute to break down Psylocke's brusk demeanor. She, however, is scanning for the little girl. She is able to get a location based on the angelic image she saw in the club group's minds.

Accross town, Spiral finds a bracelet for the girl, Ginny. The bracelet is supposed to shield Ginny from being detected. Too late, as Psylocke, Storm, and Puck have already located the two. Before they can take Ginny from Spiral, however, a blast rocks everyone to the ground. Bishop enters and roars at everyone. Storm and Psylocke try to grasp what their old friend is doing back, though Psylocke senses that something is wrong with Bishop's mind. She tries to psi-blade him but he is too quick and forces her to the ground. He proclaims that he is no more Bishop. The image of a fiery bear looms over him.

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