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And Then There Were Three?


The story did its job. This issue feels like a transition story from one major arc to the next. It does feel like a limbo issue for me - which is not bad, my brain just needed a good classification. :)

I have really liked the Fantomex character throughout this issue. I love how he just "doesn't fit" with the rest of the team. He doesn't put his mental guard down for communication, he keeps secrets, he does what needs to be done - no regrets, no remorse, no problem. Well mostly. I enjoyed his pep talk with the kid, his interaction with Wolverine, and what happens to him in the end - mostly because I know this next arc is all about him.

Another thing I found amusing about this issue was the Wolverine beer can panel. How much and how fast does he have to drink to overwhelm his healing factor? ;)


I am not a fan of the art. I REALLY liked the art for all the other books in this series, but this issue really threw me off... I have never been a fan of the Æon Flux looking art, and that is what this reminds me of - sigh.

I mean seriously, I cannot be the only one - Jean Grey's ears just shouldn't look like they do in this issue.

BTW - how did Wade go from a "bloody sack" to the fully formed nut bag we all know and love... did I miss a step here?


Recommended. Whether you see it as the start of a new arc, the end of the last one or something in limbo, it is certainly an important part of the ongoing story. I may have not liked the art, but I can look past that for a good story. This felt right. Actions have consequences. Sometimes we lose track of that fact while reading these fantastic stories. I am looking forward to where this story is going. I want to see redemption as much as Wolverine and other-Nightcrawler.

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