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It's A Small World, After All


I continue to really enjoy the art and the writing. The way Deathlok is being utilized in this arc is fantastic, the creative team is really taking advantage of his abilities and unique characteristics.

I love the look on Psylocke's face on the first page, second panel. It captures exactly how I would believe her emotional state to be, given the circumstance.

The art and the ominous message on the last page was awesome. Maybe it is all the sharp lines, maybe the desperation, maybe both, but I was just mesmerized by the haunting notions on this page.


I really had a hard time finding anything to put in this section. I guess I was expecting more Genocide vs. Fantomex (as the cover would indicate), but all we see is a hasty retreat - which was likely the best course of action.


Highly Recommended. At just over half-way, this is Chapter 5 of a long running series arc, which has kept a pretty great pace from the start. Not a good jumping on point, but definitely worth getting to and continuing on from...

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