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I never want to see Deadpool eating again

“The Dark Angel Saga” enters chapter five and really goes all out as far as heavy sci-fi elements are concerned. One can’t help but appreciate the kind of creativity on display here, although as far as staying true to previously developed canon, I truthfully have no idea as to how faithful or unfaithful this is, but at the same time, I’m not sure I care. It really is a fun read, and definitely not something you see every day in comic books.

The story picks up from Archangel and the aptly-named Genocide having completely destroyed an entire town last issue, and now we see what it was all about. Using the Celestial’s “Life Seed” Warren and his merry band of psychopaths and the delusional enter a place called “The World”. Don’t let the ridiculously unimaginative name fool you: it really is one of the weirdest and most trippy locations I have ever seen in a comic book. The bit where Dark Beast not only creates an ecosystem for a world, but then actually speeds it through a whopping 130 million years of its evolutions, is a sci-fi geek feat worthy of an Isaac Asimov tale.

On the X-Force side of it, Fantomex seems to be on his last legs (and last bullet) as he, Deadpool, and Deathlok acting as Wolverine (and an especially nasty Wolverine too) are the only members of the team still able to stand against Warren and company. In spite of this, the smooth-talking de-facto leader has lost none of his audacity, as he demonstrates in his fight against Archangel. I do find myself wondering how many more times Warren’s going to beat the snot out of Fantomex before all is said and done though. On a side note, Psylocke’s attempted escape, and the overall action in general, is really quite vicious, reminding us that the heroes we are invested in are sometimes only barely heroes here. Remender's handle on Deathlok is also pretty good.

“The Dark Angel Saga” continues to be a good read, and though it may be trying to stretch its story out a little too much (I don’t know about you, but that cover for the next issue does not suggest much of a finale or even a penultimate chapter) its definitely lost none of its entertainment value. I do want to know how the hell the AoA Blob followed the X-Force team all the way from his universe though. Because as it stands, that was just random.

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