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A Dark Beginning


I cannot say enough about the art and the writing. Issue to issue, I could not wait for what was next. The series kept me on my toes week after week, this new arc will prove no different.

It was just so astonishing to see what kind of world the AoA was... such a drastic difference without the influence of Professor X. A devastating "What If?" at its finest. One of the more interesting "characters" was Dmitri - we should all be so lucky to have such a low maintenance doorman. I just love how Nightcrawler is drawn and written. He is such a powerful character with one of the best tactical abilities. He is perfect for the battle in this issue. The last few pages offer some great twists and turns. This issue definitely kept me intrigued - very enjoyable indeed.


The only thing that I could possibly think of is the same old "shoot first, ask questions later" attitude of the AoA folks. I realize that the arc would have been drastically reduced in size if they would have succeeded immediately, but still, it seemed cliche.


Highly Recommended. This is where it all starts. The highly acclaimed Dark Angel Saga begins as we are sent into the AoA. It is really too bad that our X-Force heroes had to rely on such a nefarious ally, but as we know, they do what they have to do, to get the job done. The job this time, save Warren. This was a GREAT start to the arc and wonderful continuation of the series!

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