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Age of Apocalypse now!

Uncanny X-Force #11

For me this series is doing consistenly well and it makes me happy when I read a series that does that! Hopefull this streak continues in this series because I do really like it! Ok so the team and dark Beast head into the Age of Apocalypse to find the life seed so they can help angel. Angel is totally under Apocalypse's control and needs help. While they are there they run into a few surprises. First Nightcrawler from this world attacks them and steals the life seed. Wolverine is then attacked by Sabretooth and Wild Child. Also Sunfire attacks. Sunfire destroys the life seed which now means the team is stuck in the Age of Apocalypse. At the end the team is taken to a secret base in Atlantis where Logan finds Jean Grey! 


WEll this issue was pretty extreme! A lot is going on in this isuse. This story is just awesome all in itself. The Age of Apocalypse seems very cool and bleak. The fact that Nightcrawler and Jean are in this issue is awesome! Even though they're dead, another version of them is in this and it brings back a lot of memories. Especially for Logan. It was very cool to see him get emotional from seeing Kurt because they were such good friends and it's nice to see that side of him. I really like how Betsy can communicate with her team mentally by using her powers. What I really like about this issue is that you can see each personality and how different they are from each other and how well it all works together. 
Art: Brooks penciling is amazing. He draws so well, especially his scenery and action. The cover is great as it usually is! 
The BAD!

I really didn't have a problem with this issue except that it usually takes me a while to really understand what's going on, but hey that's just me. 

This was a great issue and I say pick it up! 5 out of 5!

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