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The battle within.

Uncanny X-force #10

First off I'd like to say that Remender does a great job with character inner conflict. I thought it was shown perfectly through Angel. It looks like Uncanny X-force could be ousted to the public eye! People have found out about the mind controlled man Angel killed. When Angel gets word of this he goes and threatens the man who's going to publicize it. It's not Angel though it's Archangel threatening him. Wolverine and Psylocke go to stop him and they successfully subdue him. Angel is still having trouble stopping Archangel from taking over. Earlier in the issue Psylocke tried to help Angel with his emotional issues and he wouldn't let her. Later in the issue the team asks Dark Beast for help on why this is happening to Angel and he says he's under Apocalypse's control which means he's not really dead. So they have to travel to the Age of Apocalypse.



This issue was very good. Angel's conflict within himself is emotionally powerful. His alter ego Archangel is basically taking over and he can't control it. It's affecting him and his other teammates. This is probably one of his biggest challenges. I love Psylocke's relationship with him, she loves him and she's trying to help him. The story was good because it's keeping us on edge about whether they'll get caught or not. The action was intense and awesome! I also really like how Archangel uses his powers. I like the blades the come out of his wings. The Apocalypse thing at the end was cool and I can't  wait to see this team go into the Age of Apocalypse.


Art: I consistenly enjoy the art for this series. There's always something unique about each artist that does each issue. The cover perfectly explains what mainly goes on in the issue and I love that!


The BAD!

I really didn't think there was anything bad to this issue.



Sooo obviously pick it up! 5 out of 5!!!


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