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    A superhero team comprised of both Avengers and X-Men that was formed by Captain America with a goal to show the world that humans and mutants can work together.

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    • Psylocke
    • M
    • Black Widow


    Making headlines
    Making headlines

    In the wake of the war between the Avengers and the X-Men, Captain America asked himself a tough question - had he done enough to help mutants? The answer led him to create a sanctioned Avengers team comprised of both Avengers and X-Men - humans and mutants working together as the Avengers Unity Squad! Cap and Thor sought out Havok, the younger brother of imprisoned mutant leader and future revolutionary Cyclops, to act as team leader and represent mutants. The team's roster included mutant Avenger Scarlet Witch, as well as prominent X-Men members Wolverine, Logan and Rogue, Anna Marie. The team's first enemy came in the form of Captain America's arch nemesis the Red Skull, who had stolen the brain of the recently deceased X-Men founder Professor X to use for his tyrannical anti-mutant schemes.


    The Uncanny Avengers were created by writer Rick Remender and artist John Cassaday. They were formed as one of the end results of the Avengers vs. X-Men story arc, with the team being comprised entirely of pre-existing Marvel characters. The Uncanny Avengers first appeared in the first issue of their self-titled ongoing series.

    Team Evolution

    First line-up
    First line-up

    Following the Avengers vs X-Men event, Captain America was challenged to do better by the mutant community. Embarrassed by the Avengers inability to protect them, he created this co-operative team with the X-Men. He chose Havok to lead. The Avengers contributed members: Thor, Wasp, Scarlet Witch, and Wonder Man. The X-Men contributed members: Rogue, Sunfire, and Wolverine. This team would eventually disband during the events of Axis, where more than one of their members had their morality magically shifted to villain.

    Following Axis, a short lived team would come together to search for the missing Maximoff twins, who had travelled to Counter-Earth. Rogue led this team which included Falcon (acting Captain America), Vision, Doctor Voodoo, and Sabretooth (still feeling heroic due to the events of Axis).

    When a storm of terrigen mists circumvented the world creating new inhumans, Cap had rebranded the team to be a co-op of humans, mutants, and inhumans. This team consisted of past members: Rogue, Quicksilver, and Doctor Voodoo. They were joined by new members: Human Torch (while the Fantastic Four were disbanded), Synapse (a new Inhuman), and Deadpool (who recently developed a relationship with Cap). Spider-Man was briefly a member but left almost immediately due to Deadpool's methods

    Human/Mutant/Inhuman Co-op
    Human/Mutant/Inhuman Co-op

    Deadpool, who was having surprise popularity and financial success, was funding the operation out of his movie theater headquarters as a favor to Cap. Eventually, they were joined by Deadpool's old friendly rival Cable, but as Cap was telepathically brainwashed into a member of Hydra and secretly plotting to take over America, he eventually disbanded the team so it wouldn't stand in his way. Despite this, the members were available to fill in for the frozen Avengers during the No Surrender event, including Rogue, who was now the highest ranking member.

    A few years would go by before Captain America and Rogue agreed to revitalize the team. Their specific mission was to combat false flag terrorism from Orchis, which was offended by the growing political clout of the mutant nation, Krakoa. Besides past members, Deadpool and Quicksilver, mutant freedom fighters Psylocke and M were recruited to join the cause. This team would headquarter on Ellis Island, travel in the old Morlock Tunnels, and receive financial and intelligence support from Tony Stark and Emma Frost.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Red Riot

    Red Skull & The S-Men
    Red Skull & The S-Men

    The teams first major threat was a newly powered Red Skull and his S-Men. The Red Skull had implanted a part of the recently deceased Charles Xavier's brain into his own and gained Professor X's powers. He had also formed the S-Men, who were a group of genetically modified humans that had all suffered atrocities at the hands of mutants at some point in their lives. The S-Men kidnapped Rogue and Scarlet Witch whom Red Skull attempted to control. The S-Men brought the two mutants to Manhattan where Red Skull used his new powers to control the minds of humans and made them kill any mutant on sight - including those who were still unaware they were mutants. As the massacre raged, Scarlet Witch and Rogue broke free and Havok, Wolverine, Captain American and Thor arrived. During the fight Red Skull briefly managed to control the minds of both Havok and Captain America and turn them on their team mates before both became free. One of the S-Men known as Honest John the Living Propaganda used his mind manipulation powers to convince Thor of their genocidal cause and recruit his aid. A massive battle between Thor and Scarlet Which followed and Wanda was able to remove the Thunder God from the battlefield, albeit temporarily. meanwhile the combined powers of the Uncanny Avengers overwhelmed Red Skull and his S-Men, all of whom managed to escape.

    The First Day

    After quelling the Red Riot, Captain America was officially revealing Avengers Unity Squad and introducing their leader, Havok. They were also joined by new recruits: The Wasp, Wonder Man, and Sunfire. Their press briefing was interrupted when Grim Reaper attacked the stage, only to accidentally be killed by Rogue, who had absorbed Wonder Man’s powers and underestimated how strong he was.

    The Mutant Rapture

    Kang and the Apocalypse Twins
    Kang and the Apocalypse Twins

    The Squad were called in by SWORD, after they received footage of The Apocalypse Twins heading to Earth after murdering a Celestial using Jarnbjorn, Thor’s old axe. Their ship collided with The Peak, forcing an evacuation. With Captain America lost due to a sabotaged escape pod, Thor and Sunfire bring the fight directly to the twins, but the ship is ultimately a trap.

    Through communicators on the empty decoy ship, the twins revealed to Thor and Sunfire that they were born of Arcangel and Famine but raised by Kang in the future. Kang used Jarnbjorn to kill every heir who attempted to take Apocalypse’s place, ensuring the Kang Dynasty survives and the mutant population would be wiped out. They returned to the present to fix that crime.

    The rest of the team charted a course for the Metropolis of Akkaba, where the twins actually were. However, they were too late. They showed up just in time to see the twins fly away and the city explode. When the team regrouped, including Cap, they compared notes. Captain America received a warning about the twins from Immortus. Thor revealed the origins of their weapon, an axe he enchanted with the ability to kill a Celestial in his youth, while Wolverine admitted to killing heirs of Apocalypse as leader of X-Force. These revelations split the team. Rogue, Sunfire, and Thor left with Wolverine, understanding that sometimes warriors must kill to save innocents. While Wasp, Wanda, Havok, and Wonder Man stayed with Cap, who refused to cross that line.

    The split teams run down the same leads checking other Akkaba temples, where they are confronted by the new Four Horsemen, made up of their dead friends and relatives: Grim Reaper, The Sentry, Banshee, and Daken. Wonder Man and Scarlet Witch are kidnapped in these confrontations. Wonder Man is turned into a battery for the twins’ ultimate plan of rapturing mutants to a new planet without humans, and Scarlet Witch is offered the chance to be the engine that whisks them away, making up for her “No More Mutants” proclamation.

    Wanda accepts but secretly schemes with Wonder Man to betray the twins. Her plan was to bring the mutants to the twins’ ark to fight beside her. Rogue does not realize this and kills Wanda believing her betrayal to be true. Rogue is then quickly dematerialized by Grim Reaper’s ionic power. In a last ditch effort Wonder Man turns into pure ionic energy for Wanda to absorb and, with her last breath, summon the mutants to the ark.

    Unfortunately, the twins foresaw her betrayal. They were able to intervene on Wanda’s spell, freezing each mutant summoned to the ark in suspended animation. With mutants on the ark, the twins summon Exitar the Exterminator to wipe humanity off Earth, before they make their getaway.

    Cap, Thor, and Wasp were still on board the ship and continued to fight back. Using the advice given to him by Immortus, Cap ordered Thor to separate the twins. Their powers only work when they are together. He also ordered Wasp to take out their tachyon dam. It prevents time travel. If they destroy it, Immortus can help them. Although Thor successfully destroys Uriel, they are unsuccessful in their other tasks, resulting in the full destruction of Earth.

    Planet X

    The Chronos Corps
    The Chronos Corps

    Eimin successfully creates Planet X, a seemingly utopian home for mutants, and many have moved on with their lives. However, Havok continues fighting to mend the relationship between man and mutant, making him public enemy #1. He is still running the Avengers Unity Squad with Wasp, now his wife and mother to his child, Katie. Also a human, Katie’s existence needs to be hidden or else she would be exterminated.

    They destroyed a tachyon dam in their present, but it was no use, since the Apocalypse Twins also had a dam in the time they were trying to travel to. However, without the present dam, Kang and his Chronos Corps were able to join Havok’s fight. Havok is suspicious, but Thor, a Chronos Corps member, tells Havok that he has exhausted all other options.

    The plan was to send the consciousness of the surviving Avengers Unity Squad members to the past as they were the closest to the action, except this time they need to work together. This plan means Havok would need to abandon his daughter, which he is not willing to do, so Kang steals her from the timestream to motivate him.

    Wolverine and Sunfire have been captives of the Horsemen since their last confrontation, and part of the Chronos Corps were sent to rescue them. At the same time, Havok’s HQ was attacked by Eimin’s X-Council, made up of former X-Men and Brotherhood members, including Cyclops. Havok made a breakthrough to Cyclops, who defects and leads the X-Men half of the X-Council against the Brotherhood half. This gave the Avengers Unity Squad the opportunity to regroup with the others and travel back in time.

    The team travels back before the death of Rogue to the moment when Wanda first reveals her plans to Simon. Wolverine is able to intervene and convince them that it is going to end in failure because the twins are ahead of them. Instead, they took on Exitar head on. Thor steals Jarnbjorn, Rogue borrows a variety of powers from Earth’s heroes, and Wasp convinces The Sentry to fight against his Horsemen programming. Meanwhile, Havok and Sunfire destroy the tachyon dam with their combined powers. This saves Earth from the Apocalypse Twins but opens the door to Kang and his Chronos Corps.

    Kang’s Betrayal

    Celestial upgrade
    Celestial upgrade

    When Thor strikes a killing blow against Exitar, Kang attempts to absorb the energy leaking from the dying Celestial. Havok and Sunfire attempt to stop him, but Kang destroys Sunfire’s body, burning Havok’s face in the process. The Avengers are struggling to overcome the Chronos Corps when they are finally joined by Immortus and his Infinity Watch as originally promised.

    Back in space, Kang is taking credit for Havok’s marriage to Wasp and the child they shared. He promises to return them if Havok pledges loyalty to him. Havok refuses but is not strong enough to defeat Kang. He is saved by Sunfire, now a being of pure energy. Sunfire destroys the ark containing the Apocalypse twins and leaves Kang powerless enough for Havok to beat into submission.

    Kang retreats, taking his Corps with him


    Wanda helped Rogue remove the multiple heroes’ thoughts and abilities from her body, except for Simon’s, who would not release, causing Rogue to lose control of her powers once again.

    Red Onslaught vs Magneto
    Red Onslaught vs Magneto

    Sunfire, now an energy being, must be fitted with a special containment suit. The Sentry volunteered to bring the Celestial corpse out into space away from Earth, with no immediate plans of return. The only other body recovered from the Apocalypse ark was Banshee’s, whose Horseman programming was proving harder to break than they hoped.

    Havok is badly burned and must break the news to Wasp that their daughter might be lost in the timestream. However, they are met by Immortus, who promised to give them the date and time on which to conceive so that they may have the same child they once had. In order for it to work, they must also stop the Red Skull’s plans

    It didn't take long before the Red Skull made his move. He kidnapped mutant members of the Unity Squad to fill the concentration camp he built on Genosha. With abilities from Wonder Man, Rogue was able to free her teammates, as well as Magneto, already captured. Magneto attempted to kill Red Skull but this only awakened the Onslaught part of Pr. X's mind.

    Wanda tried a last ditch effort to stop Red Skull by casting a spell that would awaken the moral side of Pr. X within his brain. It worked, and Red Skull was knocked on unconscious. His body was taken into custody by the Avengers, angering Havok who disbanded the team and returned to the X-Men.

    It would prove that Wanda's spell had backfired leading to the events of AXIS and explaining Havok's sudden behavior.


    Counter Earth Team
    Counter Earth Team

    After members suffered multiple tragedies, Rogue put together a new team to look for Wanda and Pietro, who went missing after Magneto was revealed not to be their real father. Her new team consisted of: Doctor Voodoo, Vision, Sam Wilson (active as Captain America), and Sabretooth (still inverted from the events of AXIS). The trail led them to Wundagore Mountain and a teleporter programmed to Counter-Earth. Voodoo casts a spell to make chase, but, when he is assaulted by a robot guard in the middle of it, the team is scattered across Counter-Earth.

    Voodoo is transported to a spirit plane full of the dead subjects of the High Evolutionary. Vision finds himself in a technologically advanced city. Rogue is in the clutches of a scientist who separated her from Wonder Man. Sam was being assimilated into a race of tree-people, slaves to the High Evolutionary, and Sabretooth was dropped at the feet of the High Evolutionary himself.

    The rescue mission to find the Maximoffs has suddenly become a rescue mission for the Squad. Wanda and Pietro had fallen in with the Low Evolutionary, a revolutionary leading the High Evolutionary’s rejects. After a battle with Luminous, High Evolutionary loyalist who has both of the Maximoffs’ powers, she takes them to her leader where they learn their true origin. They were the true children of Django and Marya Maximoff but were experimented on by High Evolutionary, granting them their powers.

    When they made their escape from the High Evolutionary, they found Rogue, freeing her and joining the Low Evolutionary’s fight. One by one, the Squad freed themselves from their unique cages, with Voodoo exhibiting the biggest blow, powered by all the angry souls. With loss imminent, the High Evolutionary teleported away.


    New Roster
    New Roster

    In the wake of Black Bolt’s terrigen bomb, causing people worldwide with the inhuman gene to suddenly develop superpowers, Captain America rebranded the Avengers Unity Squad to be an Avenger, X-Men, and Inhuman cooperative. Joining existing members Rogue, Quicksilver, and Doctor Voodoo is Deadpool, Human Torch, and newcomer, Synapse.

    Deadpool was serving an especially big role. After proving himself to Rogers, Deadpool was using his new found celebrity to fund the Avengers Unity Squad. The team even operated out of a movie theater that doubled as Deadpool and his Mercs for Money team’s base of operations.

    On their first big mission, the Squad faced the NuHuman, The Shredded Man, Synapse’s grandfather. He has orchestrated a toxic vegetation take over of Boston. The Squad were doing their best but getting nowhere. Just then, Cable appears, claiming that the Squad fails and the Shredded Man allows his plants to take over the world.

    Using a serum Cable created in the future, Quicksilver inoculated every person he could, but it wasn’t enough. The Shredded Man needed to be convinced to stop, which Cable succeeded in doing by putting Synapse in danger. The Shredded Man gave up his plight and dissolved into the Earth.

    Afterward, Captain America extended an invite to Cable to be part of the team, which Cable accepted in order to get a chance at retrieving Xavier’s brain from Red Skull.

    Squadron Supreme

    Vs. Squadron Supreme
    Vs. Squadron Supreme

    While working for SHIELD, Jim Hammond came to the Avengers Unity Squad with a mission to take down the new Squadron Supreme. They were led by former Avenger, Hyperion, and made up of variants of his old teammates, all refugees from planets destroyed by the Illuminati during incursions. They recently had killed Jim’s old WWII ally, Namor, for his part in the destruction of Doctor Spectrum’s Earth, however, they did not stop there. They also leveled Atlantis, requiring an intervention from the Avengers.

    They started by ambushing Nighthawk, but he was able to get a distress beacon to his teammates, who showed up while the Avengers were still trying to talk Nighthawk into giving himself up. The two teams fought, but the Avengers were no match for them. Jim Hammond had to intervene with his larger than normal SHIELD team.

    The Squadron ended up escaping to Weirdworld and reversing their murder of Namor with time travel, and the Avengers Unity Squad were none the wiser.

    Pleasant Hill


    While responding to an emergency alert in Connecticut, the Squad found Wrecker driving a SHIELD truck in a car chase. He lashes out about not wanting to go to Pleasant Hill, which the Squad never heard of. That’s when Maria Hill, also in the car chase, fills them in on it

    Pleasant Hill was a supervillain prison shaped to look like an idyllic suburb thanks to the reality warping powers of Kobik, the little girl who is a human cosmic cube. The prisoners are all brainwashed into playing out their small town roles. The Squad is briefly made prisoners when they are found just outside of the yard, but Rogue is able to get her wits and slaps the rest of her team out of it. They join other Avengers in freeing superheroes and shutting down Pleasant Hill for good.

    Dark Knight

    The Unity Squad battle in Weirdworld
    The Unity Squad battle in Weirdworld

    After slaying a number of supervillains that he didn’t need to and stealing a quinjet, Black Knight fled to Weirdworld, where he quickly established himself as king of New Avalon. Cap was determined to bring him in for his crimes and led his Unity Squad into Weirdworld to retrieve him. Knowing that they would come for him one day, Dane tried to unite the kingdoms, but one confident speech from Captain America and they all abandoned Dane.

    While Dane was locked up and the Avengers considered what to do with them, they were attacked by snake men looking to take advantage of a leaderless kingdom. The Avengers went to work defending the castle, leaving Dane unguarded. His followers were able to free him and allowed him to retake the throne, with Deadpool and Rebecca Stevens, the Avengers’ civilian consultant on the Ebony Blade, hostage. Dane was willing to trade the hostages for his sword, but the Avengers considered it the source of Dane’s behavior. They negotiated for the release of the hostages for Dane’s freedom, as Cap still wanted to bring him in to face justice. Dane tried to refuse, but his loyalists agreed and superseded his commands. Rebecca even agreed to stay behind and nurse him through his detox.

    In Cap’s possession, the sword was already beginning to corrupt him. He lashed out at the Avengers, prompting Voodoo to astral project to New Avalon and request assistance. A nearly “sober” Dane chose to go alone, being the only person he trusts with the power of the Ebony Blade. Realizing just how much effort Dane must be putting in to reject the influences of the Ebony Blade, Cap, now freed of the curse, agreed to leave it in his possession after all, as he continues to lead in New Avalon.


    Pym merged with Ultron
    Pym merged with Ultron

    The Squad next responded to an object that entered the atmosphere. It turned out to be Hank Pym, who bonded to Ultron during the events of Rage of Ultron. Pym swore he was able to overwrite Ultron’s programming with his own mind, but when Cap called in Janet to get a personal read on him, Janet didn’t believe it was him. When the team started acting suspicious, Pym-Ultron attacked.

    With help from Wasp and Vision, the Squad took him on. Their continued efforts to contain him failed, including locking him in a Hulkbuster and Voodoo locking his mind in the Swamps of Ogun. But Pym-Ultron was able to break free of their defenses over and over. Not even EMPs worked. Vision’s final attempt was for Torch to fuse him to the controls of a quinjet that they sent into the sun. For the time being, they believed it worked, although Pym-Ultron was able to escape even that.

    Civil War II

    Trying to cure the terrigen poison that was plaguing mutankind, Cable enlisted the help of Sebastian Shaw and Toad to help the Squad steal research from a military base. Cable picked the worst possible time to try a heist, as the main Avengers recently came into contact with a prophetic NuHuman, Ulysses. He warned Cap of Cable’s plan, and in response, Cap dissolved the team.

    However, when the team was needed in Japan, they all banded together anyway. They needed to stop The Hand from exhuming and resurrecting the Hulk as one of their brainwashed ninjas. After successfully laying Banner to rest, the team concluded that they should keep working together regardless of what Cap says.

    The Red Skull Returns

    Surgically removing Xavier
    Surgically removing Xavier

    After the memory altering antics of Pleasant Hill, Rogue started to remember when she had a run-in with Red Skull. He had used Xavier’s telepathic abilities to rewrite her memories. He did the same thing to Deadpool and Quicksilver when they responded to an alert at the former Avengers Mansion.

    He also put a trigger in Quicksilver’s mind, which he used to mind control Pietro into kidnapping all his teammates so that he may control the whole Squad. Two members were able to fight back against his control: Deadpool, who is generally resistant to telepaths, and Cable, who had his own mental trigger that would render him comatose if he was ever manipulated.

    Skull commanded the Squad to attack NYC, but Deadpool was able to turn the tables on him when he put one of Magneto’s psychic blocking helmets on Rogue. Now free from his control, Rogue knocked Skull out. They were able to remove Xavier’s mind from the Red Skull and destroyed it so that it couldn’t be misused by anyone else again.

    Impressed by his heroism, Rogue rewarded Deadpool with a kiss. This caused her to absorb his healing factor, his cancer and damage skin, and even more damaged mind, the combination of which finally let loose Wonder Man from her mind.

    Unfortunately, at this point, Cable would decide to leave the team, and Deadpool would be poached by Cap for his Secret Empire.

    No Surrender

    When The Grandmaster and The Challenger entered into a contest of champions with Earth as their game board, they froze many of the Avengers in amber so as to not interrupt. This left Rogue as the highest ranking member as leader of the Unity Squad. She brought all the remaining members of the Unity Squad and U.S. Avengers together, as well as any reserves willing to heed the call, to defend their planet against the Elders’ contest. The Avengers would prove victorious, and as members were making plans for the future, the Unity Squad disbanded once again.

    Fall of X

    No Caption Provided

    Orchis sets their plan in motion to take out mutantkind for good. This included turning public opinion against them using false flag terrorist attacks. Captain America and Rogue decide to put together another Avengers Unity Squad to stand against them. This includes former members Deadpool and Quicksilver and new mutant recruits M and Psylocke. They operate out of Ellis Island, using the old Morlock Tunnels to travel, with financial aid from Tony Stark and Emma Frost.

    One such false flag is a mysterious villain using the Captain Krakoa suit and attacking world leaders with his new Mutant Liberation Front. They have stolen nuclear weapons, putting the whole world on edge. After tracking the MLF to Camp Lehigh, Cap guessed that the new Captain Krakoa was his Hydra-raised clone, now answering to their middle name, Grant. In addition to the nuke, the clone was gunning for Ben Urich who had witness testimony against Orchis from a non-mutant, Kingpin.

    Cap and most of his team went to protect Urich and Kingpin, but Grant had stashed the nuclear warhead at Empire State University. Cap and the others bested Grant and took him into custody, but the warhead was activated. Cap ordered Rogue to get rid of it in orbit, but the ISS was due to pass by New York. Instead, she flew it out to Area 51 to blow it up in the desert, while Quicksilver ran Deadpool to her as fast as he could so she could absorb his healing factor and survive.



    No Caption Provided

    Earth-93068 fell victim to a Badoon invasion. To repel them, humans and mutants banded together. In the aftermath, Nick Fury and Professor X had sacrificed themselves, their memory becoming a sign of unity. The heroes founded the Uncanny Avengers to stand guard and protect the Earth and the unity among humans and mutants. Their members included:

    They would be visited by a team of variants of Wolverine, a hero who also sacrificed himself to stop the Badoon. They were sent to this Earth tracking a variant of Onslaught, who was the combination of Magneto and Jean Grey (instead of Professor X), giving it a Phoenix level upgrade. Unfortunately, Onslaught spread his consciousness over billions of people to hide from detection, including multiple Avengers. Spider-Man was forced to work with Doctor Strange to evacuate the billion people not possessed by Onslaught through the Nexus of All Realities, before the Phoenix who assembled the Wolverine variants destroyed this world.


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